Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – One Mistake

Name: Katelyn Elizabeth Dewey

One Mistake

is a disease that is currently rampaging the united states. Teenagers
think it cool to fool around with drugs. Well i’m here to tell you
why it is not! That “one try” can turn into a lifelong struggle
that harms not only you but everyone around you as well. You can go
from the lead singer in your church choir to the common alley lurker.

I was growing up my mother struggled with a drug and alcohol
addiction. This led me to experience many scarring events at a young
age, most of which are too personal to go into detail on. To this day
my mother still struggles with her alcohol addiction; but luckily has
at least gotten control of her drug addiction. Addiction is a
horrible disease and it has affected my life greatly! When I was just
five years old my mother began to go out to bars and drink
extensively, at this time my father was working a lot over the road
and was unaware of the events at home. At first it was just once a
week or so and she left me and my older sister with babysitters, but
after a while it became nightly and she just began to leave us at
home alone. My sister was around twelve at this time and she was
basically raising me on her own. After about four or so months of the
nightly bar visits she began to miss work to go to the bar and we
told our father. He came home and we discovered that she was not only
drinking but also doing drugs. During that point in time I was
unaware of exactly what that meant but I would soon figure it out.
For the rest of my childhood my dad moved back home and got a local
job. He worked a lot, and my sister took care of me most of the time.
My mother was in and out of my life pretty much up until now, and I
have some pretty crazy stories I could include but they are mostly
personal. Due to these events I have felt the effects of addiction
pretty deep, especially because they were coming from someone I
should have been able to trust and take examples from.

feel that I was deprived of a relationship with my mother as well as
a chance at a regular childhood. Her addiction doesn’t just affect
her it also took a toll on me, my sister, my dad, my grandma, and my
aunts and uncles. The person that we all knew and loved so dearly had
disappeared, never to come back again. It has been thirteen years
since she developed her addictions and I have almost completely
forgotten what it was like before then. It’s like she was body
snatched and the real her is gone. Not only did I grow up basically
my whole life without her or a good relationship with her, but I was
also bullied at school because “I’m that girl whose mom does
drugs” no child should have to go through that. Addiction isn’t a
joke, it’s a disease and it wins every time.

mother’s struggle with addiction has kept her from being there for me
and my sister. Her addiction has caused a huge strain on our
relationship with her, and has turned her entire life upside down.
However I have not let her mistakes hinder my future! I am determined
to make something good of myself and help other people. No matter how
‘cool’ you think it makes you look addiction is not a game and it
is not something to play around with!