Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – In-love with an Addict

Name: Bedolly Narvaez

In-love with an Addict



# V03653455

with an addict

am a mother of four and the father of my children is an addict.
People that are using drugs doesn’t know they are harming them-self.
Unfortunately, addicts (not knowing) break family heart as well. It
is not easy to be in-love with a man that use drug, yet I cannot give
up on him, nor our family. People that use drugs need a helping hand
and a person to never give up on them. Sometime seeing the condition
that my loving fiancé is in breaks my heart, but this push me to
strive for his success to break free of all drugs. Some days are easy
than others yet, seeing that he is trying to stay clean push me to
push us as a family. The society should not see these individual as
burden but see them as individual that need help and a friend to run
too. Give addicts a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on. The road
of any addicts is different but the success of all is the same; to be
drug free.