Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Helping those suffering from depression and anxiety

Name: Elise Thomson

Helping those suffering from depression and anxiety

To Whom It May

My name is Elise
Thomson and I am seeking assistance for my chiropractic education. I
am a 2nd year chiropractic student at Cleveland Chiropractic – Kansas
City, with a projected graduation date of 2022. I am seeking
assistance towards tuition costs for the following academic years.
My goal is to become a doctor of chiropractic and open a clinic that
specializes in helping people heal/regulate their central nervous
system. I am looking specifically to helping those that are
suffering from depression and anxiety, which could be caused by a
myriad of things/traumas- i.e. TBI, PTSD, Physical Pain, Emotional
Trauma etc. Research is growing on the contributory relief that
chiropractic offers to people that suffer from depression and
anxiety. I also draw on my personal experience as I have suffered
from depression and anxiety in the past. The use of chiropractic and
the brain training effect of neurofeedback gave me the room to
“pivot” and really make changes in my life. I am currently
a neurofeedback practitioner who gives back by donating time and
sessions to veterans, and first responders free of charge. I am
looking forward to being able to expand my ability to help by
providing chiropractic care to all my clients/patients. The
statistics are sobering, according to the World Health Organization
” depression is the most common mental disorder, globally
affecting more than 300 million people of all ages. At its worse,
depression can lead to suicide, 800,000 people die from suicide
every year, it is the second leading cause of death between 15-29
year olds” and the gap is widening. My goal/ passion is to help
as many people as I can, by providing them with holistic chiropractic
care coupled with brain training neurofeedback , possibly helping
them avoid taking opioids or other pharmaceuticals (if not essential)
BUT I need your help, any contribution or scholarship big or small
would be greatly appreciated and put to good use. The contributions
or awards can be sent directly to Cleveland University- the
address/details are enclosed.

Thank you again for
your consideration and taking the time, I look forward to your

Elise Thomson

University-Kansas City

10850 Lowell Avenue

Overland Park, KS

Attn: Heather
Sulzan- c/o Elise Thomson ID # 127982