Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Effect Of an Addict

Name: Anzelika Daniliceva

Effect Of an Addict

current worldview is more hectic than it was a couple years ago. The
reason for that could be anything from various news channels and
increased use of Social media. As soon as people wake up in the
morning the first thing they do is turn on the TV news channel or go
on Social media before even having breakfast. Therefore, the world
and self-perception become negative. Most news channels broadcast
negativity that is happening in the world, while Social media is
there quick to tell a person that there will always be someone more
attractive, with a better career and financially superior. The
pressure to be perfect and loneliness is the catastrophe of our

and strive for perfection can put a huge amount of stress on the
individual, without dealing with it appropriately one can see relief
in addiction. Addiction not only affects the addict but his friends
and family. As a child of an alcoholic parent, I understand the toll
of an addiction. My father did not see his father for 20 years and
the reason for that was his father’s alcoholism. My father promised
himself that he will never be as his father, but end up being an
alcoholic himself. Research shows that children of alcoholic parents
are more likely to become alcoholics themselves or deal with
addiction at some point in their life. (Woititiz, 1983). My father
never wanted to admit his alcoholism, he defined himself as an
“occasional drinker” even though he had a real problem that
required treatment. As my father’s addiction progressed he became
more violent towards his close ones, the illness was consuming the
last bits of humanness that he once had. After my father died, I and
my mother were left with a major debt that my father took while he
was intoxicated. Although we got out of the situation with the help
of relatives, my father’s addiction took a toll on my psychological
health. Therapy sessions had benefited me significantly when I was
dealing with “old wounds” of my father’s alcoholism. I realized
that asking for help should not be viewed as something shameful and
unfortunately, my father never got a chance to recognize that.

is necessary to treat addiction as an illness and not be ashamed to
talk about it. The lack of awareness on the issue is what is wrong,
most people want to present a picture of a “perfect family”.
People should not be ashamed to share their experiences even if it is
negative which may result in a change. The family of an addict should
educate themselves, support and motivate him to recover, rather than
blaming him. In order to treat this, An addict should accept his
diagnose and be willing to receive it.


G. Woititiz (1983) “Adult Children of Alcoholics”