Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Dependency on Drugs

Name: Grace Hien Pham

Dependency on Drugs

a nation, we are dealing with an addiction crisis. There are more and
more people who are becoming dependent on drugs. Drug addiction
causes an endless list of consequences and can even ruin one’s life.
It is crucial to spread more knowledge regarding this topic so that
we, as a community, can take action and help those in need.

are often used as a way to get through hardships or as a way to avoid
life responsibilities. However, abusing drugs just once can lead to
addiction and life time consequences. I have seen many drug abusers
end up in the emergency department because they simply can’t stop
drug use even though they are experiencing life threatening side
effects. Auditory/visionary hallucinations, rashes, anxiety,
depression, suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations, seizures, and
death are some of the results of drug addiction. This addiction can
change a person and ruin their future.

possible remedy to the crisis of addiction is educating others and
providing resources for those in need. Those who end up in the
emergency department are given resources for rehabilitation and
educated on the harms of drug abuse. At first, I was very surprised
that patients were willing to go through rehabilitation because it
was a big step. However, I began to learn that some people just
needed a small push towards the right direction. As a community, we
can help those in need by providing resources instead of having a
negative perspective of those who are addicted to drugs. I believe
that everyone deserves another chance and it’s possible to make a
positive change.