Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – AWARENESS ON ADDICTION

Name: Nathan Obiero



Addiction has
become a major world threat. This is especially among the young
generation. This can be generally be defined as a dependence towards
a particular activity or even substance. That means you cannot do
without it.

Nations are
facing an addiction crisis. Take a look at around 15 years ago.
Compare with today. There is some kind of change in which the youth
have gotten chance to access even more, the drugs of different kinds.
Any nation whose young generation does not have a sense of direction
is geared towards destruction.

I believe we are
facing an addiction crisis. In my education journey, I have
encountered several classmates who have engaged in addiction,
especially the drugs. There is the presence of drugs of every type
readily available. The society at large seems to be deteriorating. To
make it worse, majority of the youth that engage in the drug
activities are the university and college students. This therefore
raises my eyebrows and thus a concern.

This has made
them end up in dropping out of school. Some have even died. Now,
others have come out to be irresponsible in many perspectives. This
has really made me feel low. The question that has always rung into
my mind is, what can I do to save the situation?

consequences can be seen. Some may be long-term while others simply
short term. The obvious one deals with the health. An addict may have
lung and heart diseases, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis among others. Also,
it could result to death of an individual.

Also, an effect
would come to people around an individual. For example, violence will
erupt. Decision making will also be affected. And for the mothers,
the unborn child will be affected. So we find that it is the society
at large that will experience the effects and not just an individual.

For the remedy of
the crisis, it requires that everyone be held accountable. The
government should set laws. These laws should be effective and put
into action. For example, the drug dealers should be arrested and
prosecuted as one way to curb the menace.

The parents must
start to be responsible in all the perspectives. Watch your child.
Advice your child on the effects of drugs and let them be aware. This
will greatly help in improving responsibility among the youth since
the parents are key advisers.

The curriculum
must also incorporate this fully. It should be made in such a way
that we have the drugs learnt in a responsible manner to realize the
negativities of indulging in drugs.

For the
individuals, watch the society at large. When you decided to engage
in drugs, the same way you can come out of it. Be responsible. Look
at the people who have engaged in drugs, how have their lives ended?
This is just a critical question that you need to ask and answer

By so doing this,
we will realize a harmonious society that is full of responsible and
accountable people. This will result to peace, prosperity and
togetherness. That is exactly what we mean by living in a better

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