Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Awareness on Addiction

Name: Srishti Gupta

Awareness on Addiction

Many people have this belief that we have just now started becoming addicted to opioids but this trend started in 1914 after the Civil War. Doctors would prescribe medication for pain and treatment purposes but youth in the inner cities starting using it recreationally. Then during the 1970’s low income families starting injecting heroin into their systems as a way to deal with their financial struggles. From 1996 to know the rates
of people becoming addicted have gone up. Doctors prescribe
medication for pain and patients don’t know when to stop. Before
you know it they find themselves taking pain medication for anything
and everything. Pharmacists and doctors give medication for well
intentions but often times they don’t describe the side effects or
don’t give a proper dosage to the patients. Which often leads to
overdosing because they don’t know when to stop. I also believe
that sometimes patients don’t want to go back to the pain they were
in before so they continue taking pills to avoid the pain.

Addiction not only affects the indivial itself but their family as well as society in general. Sometimes addicts can lose custody of their children by committing heinous crimes to support the addiction. These children are often neglected and abused. Addicts can lose jobs and not have enough money to support themselves. This might cause them to steal from others
causing a distrust and worry among the family.

In order to help individuals not get so addicted easily we can make sure that doctors place a strong emphasis on the side effects of opioids and how harmful they actually are. We can also create safe spaces where people who have recently overdosed can be monitored carefully. Drug courts can also allow for medication assisted treatments instead of throwing the
individual in jail or taking away the custody of their children.
Therapy and Narcotics anonymous can become a mandatory thing so that
people motivate each other to stay clean for longer periods of time