Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Addiction within the U.S.

Name: Nicholas Ponce de Leon

Addiction within the U.S.

Ponce de Leon

of Malibu Scholarship 

within the U.S.

whom it may concern, 

in the U.S. is at an all time high and there are a few reasons as to
why. I believe this addiction crisis could be blamed on technology
and for good reasons. The issues with technology in our society is
that no one can control it. While innovation is a great thing and it
makes day to day life easier. For example: staying connected with
family, keeping up with society and its news, or even just scrolling
through the web. Technology is a beautiful thing but we let it get to
our head and take it for granted. Relationships I feel suffer the
most from technology because intimacy is becoming rare among young
adults. Depression and abuse are extremely high in relationships or
because of relationships due to technology. Due to how fast cell
phones work, we expect everything in an instant. It makes us more
impatient and more likely to think negative during situations. I
think it’s also fair to say that a majority of not only Americans,
but citizens around the world, are addicted to their cellphones. Cell
phones offer so much it’s unbelievable and because of this people
can’t take their eyes off of it. This is what I meant by us not being
able to control technology. Since it offers so much at the swipe of a
finger, we often get lost in. This makes us antisocial and tends to
make us want to be alone. Depression comes from that factor alone, by
simply being alone, all the time, it causes psychological health
risks. Humans are social creatures, we need physical and emotional
connections with others, and through technology, it’s very difficult
to do that because there is no emotion through technology. If we look
at a societal standpoint, addiction, no matter what is: abuse, drugs,
technology, anything, it always has drawbacks. Violence can rise
because of this, people who become depressed off of their phone
addiction can lead to substance abuse and suicidal tendencies.
Communication suffers greatly too, while we live in an age where
everything is at your fingertips, were having more difficulties with
talking to people face to face and holding conversations. So were
hurting ourselves twice here, were learning all of these bad habits
that we can’t cope with on our own and then we need Medical
professionals to help us through the problems that society started.
If we use technology again as an example, a lot of people text and
drive nowadays. It feels like the equivalence of driving with drunk
drivers. Driving is very dangerous now, because we are addicted to
our phones so much, that we can’t even think of our own safety when
were out and about. Children are even being affected by all of this.
Multiple studies including one by the Seattle Children’s Research
Institute found a correlation between simulated violence and
increased aggression. Exposure to violence saw a rise in children
talking back to parents and teachers are more likely to argue with
peers and adults in general. Not only that, but they were also found
to be less empathetic with others. Based on all of this, addiction,
no matter the kind, affects everyone. If we want to fix this issue of
addiction, not only on an individual level but as well as a societal
level, we need to turn to ourselves and fix it internally. We’ve
become slaves to our creation because we cant comprehend it or truly
understand it. Individually, we need to spend less time on our
phones, and more time socializing with others, going out more,
meeting new people, live life as it should be. Not glued to a screen
for absurd amounts of time.a majority of our waking moments are spent
on technology and being antisocial. We need people of higher status
to get it started, such as politicians or even doctors. The youth of
the nation is stuck and it needs a lot of help, because we can’t
understand any life other than what we live now. If we can manage to
beat the addiction by the individual, a lot of the societal issues
would go away. Those issues include: relationship and/or maritel,
communication, substance abuse, and depression. The only people that
can help us is us, we need to help each other break free from this
addiction so people can live life the way it should be.Society can
only be saved if society allows itself to be saved. 

you for your time,

Ponce de Leon