Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Addiction: Route of Misery

Name: Gurleen Kaur

Addiction: Route of Misery


Route of Misery

despite free will is slowly becoming a “clockwork” itself. Humans
are experiencing life from a limited perspective. Youth and adults
having all of the freedom to create a path for themselves, surrender
to peer pressure and choose paths of addiction. Throughout the path,
humans lose the free will to control their body and mind, as the
drugs become the battery and human life becomes a clockwork.

nation is continuously experiencing the rise of addiction crisis due
to several factors. As a society, we have and will continue to shame
and look down upon people who choose to take addiction as destiny and
end their lives before some even reach adulthood. However, as a
society that constantly strives to be better, or at least hopes to
be, our actions are insignificant towards the issue of addiction.
Creating laws, passing bills such as Comprehensive Addiction Bill do
not have power. Neither does giving speeches about how prevention and
treatment for addicts need to occur. As a society, we need urgent
action. An action that reflects upon our viewpoints. We should not
associate “disgrace” with addiction, or stop our love towards
who’s sanity revolves around drugs. Indeed many individuals around
the nation take pride upon “curing” people from drug addiction,
the majority of the humans, however, partake in exaggerating the
disgust towards the addicts instead of genuine empathy.

continuous rise of addiction can have various multitudes of impacts
upon society as well as individuals. My biological father suffered
from addiction, which soon took his life away, as he developed throat
cancer. An individual’s attraction towards addiction impacts beyond
the close family members because it leaves everyone else in a shock
of trauma. Fortunately, due to my young age when this incident
occurred, I do not recall specific horrific parts of seeing the pale
color of my dad, nor my mother’s body collapsing in pain, but to
those who do remember deaths due to addiction, it is scarring. The
trauma caused by the sudden stopped of a heartbeat to this day haunts
me as I recall how precious our current moments are. As a society,
the consequences of addition such as death serves as a light of
guidance for the majority, as emotions of empathy are evoked. The
reality of misery related to the situation is misunderstood until
horror intertwines with our fate. Thus the death due to addiction
further showcases the urgency related to this cause, as lives of the
addict ’s families are constantly left in distraught and despair as
well as the addict is never able to experience the fortune of being
cured from medication such as hope.

the fortunes of despair surrounding an addict’s family, the worst
of consequences are faced by the addict. Through the irreversible
symptoms related to addiction, the person is unable to recover
easily. Before most addicts acquire a sense of motivation to prove
the society incorrect and redeem their self-value and reputation,
often the drugs become an authoritative force of the mind and cause
loss of sanity. The addict can face a lack of love towards their own
life, as some might witness the increased distance between their
family and their behaviors which further enables the sense of
hopelessness towards recovery. Unfortunately, the addicts mentally
end their own lives before disease, or lack of love internally kills
all of their organs and causes physical death.

powerful illness requires an even powerful medication. Before an
addict loses sanity, lack of liberty and free will, the others around
should emphasize the purpose and necessity of their lives by
mentioning the trauma the addict’s family is experiencing. Even the
ones, who lack family, one should take the lead towards ensuring that
the “victim” of drug addiction feels love and empathy. This is an
advice, I wished someone took upon themselves to repeat it to my
father. As long as the individual is able to comprehend their
importance in humanity, it is one of the most crucial steps towards

a society, in order to ensure the youth is well aware of the
unfortunate obstacles along the route of addiction, the utilization
of social media is significant. Not only does each of the platforms
represent millions of youth and adults, but it also represents each
click on “post” creating a positive aroma in the world.
Censorship related to such cancerous diseases such as addiction
should be limited. The photos deciding the reality of addiction are
the most significant to ensure and give truth towards trauma when
free will is destroyed for the love of drugs.

of taking ten steps back through correlating disgrace with addiction,
let’s take a step forward by emphasizing love towards each of the