Addiction in the U.S.A – Addiction Awareness


Addiction in the U.S.A

This is a great
question, I don’t think there is one right answer! The first two
things that come to my mind.
Firstly, Overprescribing: this is complicated but I can explain it to
you. Doctors over prescribe medicine. For example, if you get your
wisdom teeth out they could give you 40 painkillers when you need 4.
When people have the extra painkillers lying around they may use them
or someone else may use them and become addicted. This is complicated
because this is in large part because doctors sometimes get
compensated or rewarded by drug companies by prescribing their meds.
For example, if they prescribe a drug that company may give them more

other thing that comes to my mind and I think there are so many ways
to think about this, as a society we are very pain adverse. People
don’t know how to sit with their emotions and use drugs to cope so
they don’t have to feel upset or uncomfortable.

can lead to addiction and death ultimately very scary!

On a Societal
level,we have the medical bills and also so many people who care for
those who are addicted. Also many kids that have parents who are
addicted are placed in foster care

Addiction is a
very sensitive topic in the U.S.A. I. Believe that if we have more
precise prescriptions and more stringent rules guarding the sales of
certain drugs and medication the issue of addiction would have long
been a thing of the past.