Addiction Awareness – Scholarship campaign

Name: Natalie Salazar

Addiction Awareness


Natalie Salazar

21 November 2019


Growing up
my house would always be a mess. I never thought of it as being a bad
thing. We always had trash in the house or useless appliances
throughout the rooms. My dad would continue to bring stuff to the
house every day. It was up to the point where the living room turned
into a storage room. Our backyard turned into a junkyard and our
front yard was filled with cars that didn’t work anymore but my dad
would refuse to throw them away. Addiction doesn’t just apply to
the usage of drugs or alcohol it applies to anything that is abused
or used to an extreme amount to retrieve pleasure. And my dad had an
addiction, he was a hoarder. I never realized how bad my dad’s
addiction was up until I found out how much my dad makes in a year
and how so much of it goes into his addiction. Sadly, I’m not the
only family that deals with a family member who struggles with
addiction, hundreds and thousands of families go through the same

country is struggling with an addiction crisis because it fails to
restrict their citizens from repeatedly using. It’s easy for an
alcohol addict to go buy 7 bottles of alcohol in a day, it’s easy
for an opioid addict to go to a pharmacy and repeatedly ask for
refills, it’s easy for my dad to go to a pawn shop and buy a banjo
and two guitars because he likes music. It’s easy to get addicted
but the hard part is to break away from an addiction and admit the
harm that comes from it.

addict doesn’t only affect themselves, but they affect everyone
around them who care about them. Addiction could lead to depression,
isolation, homelessness, and death. Watching my dad go through his
addiction was not only affecting him but it was affecting our
family. Watching my parent’s constant bickering every night was
tough on my siblings and I, as I’m sure it was tough on my parents
also. Addiction is a problem that needs to be fixed today.

help remedy the crisis of addiction there needs to be help. In a
recent study conducted in Portugal, the government decided to help
addicts instead of giving them jail time. If a person were to be
caught with drugs or using drugs they would be sent to a psychiatrist
and will receive the help that they need. I believe that we should
implement this system into America. This way addicts can get the help
that they need instead of punishing them for their illness. Addiction
is a serious problem in our society today that should be confronted
with kindness instead of hatefulness. Addicts need help and we need
to provide them with help.