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and Trauma

is defined as exposing oneself to the possibility of being attacked
or harmed, either physically or emotionally. It is also a state of
feebleness that many avoid due to the fear of being judged or hurt.
Trauma, on the other hand, is a distressing experience and health
problem that happens as a result of physical,sexual or emotional
abuse. It’s effects vary from loss of identity and uneasiness
towards insecurities to low self-confidence, and as far as trouble
committing to a life long partner. However, these afflictions and
hardships are fundamental to the human experience, for without such,
life would be quite meaningless.

dictates how humans interact with others, it shapes their ability to
be brittle because it is an unexpected tragedy that in many cases,
it’s difficult to recover from. It is also a natural human instinct
for one to try to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.
Therefore, as soon as the chance to open up to someone else, for
example, comes around after getting heartbroken or disillusioned by
someone they highly regarded, individuals tend to push each other
away. This common defence mechanism is paraphrased in a quote made by
author Yehuda Berg, “hurt people, hurt people”. They don’t
want to feel defenseless and fully uncovered. However, t
affects everyone differently. Veterans, after witnessing the
agonizing deaths of their colleagues, suffer from posttraumatic
stress disorder often times. The Oxford Dictionary describes
posttraumatic stress disorders a
a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a
result of injury or severe psychological shock by the Oxford
Dictionary. Books such as “ Loving Someone With PTSD” by Dr.
Aphrodite Matsakis have sold thousands of copies because spouses
struggle with being loving, spending time with others and simply with
being themselves after what they went through.
impact of trauma can be subtle or completely destructive, it’s seen
especially in social media. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook,
further support the claim that suffering restricts individuals from
exhibiting their true persona. They choose to disguise their pain
through seemingly flawless pictures, claiming they’re living “their
best life”. Nonetheless, for an individual to be at peace with the
adversities and trials they have faced is far more substantial for a
better quality of life.

makes a person vulnerable. Statistics show that children and teens
are at a 75% higher risk of getting sexually abused than adults are,
according to the National Center for Victims of Crime. Most kids are
not taught what to do in the event that someone takes advantage of
them, so while the assault takes places they don’t have the
slightest clue about what to do, who to run to and are less likely to
fight back. Younger people are fragile to a greater extent than
adults are because life has not yet instructed them otherwise. A
consequence of their ignorance, is that they may place themselves in
a position where they could potentially be harmed. (missing analysis)
Illegal immigrants who reside in the United States in the hope of
fulfilling the “American dream” are one of the most vulnerable
groups within communities. They lack support and live everyday
frightened by the threat of deportation. Employers capitalize of the
fact they’re legally not supposed to be in this country to exploit
them for their labor. These victims are fathers, mothers, sons and
daughters who work overtime for less than minimum wage salaries. Who
have left behind everything that once defined them in order to get a
better chance at life, to feed their children and humbly make a
living, they appreciate anything given because it’s far better than
what their country offered them. The majority of these workers, are
not educated on the rights that America guarantees to all regardless
of ethnicity, culture or citizenship status, consequently, they’re
easily preyed on. While it is devastating and morally wrong,
innocence and incapability contribute to possibly being targeted as

is fairly easy to manipulate the disadvantages an individual has when
it comes to vulnerability to form an existence. In the same way that
it is intrinsic to get back up again after being knocked even if it
takes a while, it is also instinctual to learn from every fall.
Articles and books should be written by those who underwent harsh
tribulations, to shed light on different issues that are not
addressed by the media as warnings for following generations.

is not a simple term to discuss, it brings distinct memories to every
individual depending on where they grew up, what life also taught
them and how they’ve dealt with it. While some are forcibly exposed
to it, others have the choice to step away from their comfort zones.
Whatever the case may be, the phrase vulnerable needs to be redefined
in modern day culture, it is not a weakness, but rather a virtue. It
is not something to be sorry for nor embarrassed of , on the contrary
, it’s a quality that needs to be embraced more commonly.