Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Addicts and our Society

Name: Nashana Danae Davis

addict and our society

essay sheds light on the many questions asked about addiction such as
the causes, effects, prevention and how does it affect the society on
a whole. Chris Prentiss, an author of several books once stated that,
“the more you engage in any type of emotion or behaviour, the
greater your desire for it become.”

addictive behaviors may include, but are not confined to substance
abuse, like cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, etc. Habits such as gaming,
gambling, and excessive desires for sexual stimulation may be
included in the mix. Based on my own experience, I’ve struggled
with the addiction of gaming, and this was used as an escape from my
own reality. In my opinion addiction is a problem that most people
are struggling with nationwide and if not addressed at every angle
will have consequences in the near or later future.

question you may ask is what are some of the causes of addiction?
Well, even though it’s at a wide spectrum, lets talk about some of
the popular causes. Some of the few causes include trauma, mental
health, peer pressure, and heredity. Childhood traumas, either
positive or negative can have a significant impact on one’s
physical and emotional health, sometimes adverse childhood
adversities may lead to difficulties. Adverse childhood experiences
may include physical, sexual and verbal abuse, witnessing violence or
parental divorce. For example, in a recent study,

Children who experience trauma are often those with depressive,
disorders and high anxiety which may lead to addictive behaviours.
Based on my own experiences, I’ve had close people around that was
verbally abused as a child and turned to sexual activities for
relief, even though they have proceed with their life with these
habits; they
suffered some consequences that prevented them from growing socially
and mentally. Peer pressure exists mostly with our teens but ranges
in all age groups, this causes people to involve in activities with
the hopes of fitting in or being noticed, and of course, this can
involve experimenting on drugs or alcohol. In the long run if these
activities continue it may even lead to different crimes such as drug
trafficking or even death.

has demonstrated that addiction of any form, especially drugs can
wear out the neurological pattern in the brain. Due to this, the
addiction becomes worst and severe over a period. The effects and
consequences include: a disturbed family life, social isolation,
financial problems, an affected work life, and serious health
problems. All these things add to the embarrassment, shame,
repentance, and even depression in that person. Addiction strengthens
the increase in the number of people incarcerated in state and
federal prisons, increase in the rates of homelessness and poverty,
and also the increase in domestic disputes.

one how can we salvage the issue of addiction? Various support groups
help a lot in overcoming addictions. The therapists also explain to
the concerned person, the reasons and special situations which
trigger one’s impulse for their behaviours. This helps the person
in observing and curbing his behavior in future.