Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – A Blind Nation

Name: Misste Giles

A Blind Nation

Blind Nation

In a nation of plenty we have
patted ourselves on the back that in the United States we have
anything and everything at our finger tips and this is especially
true when it comes to medications. In today’s society we have
catered to the drug companies and to the fact that people believe
that they can survive without the drugs that are provided to heal us.

In the medical field they have
for decades believed that people came into the office with legitimate
pain and we never really questioned the motives. Now in 2019 we are
in a life or death epidemic because we have now only discovered that
we are creating addicts. The government turned a blind eye to the
number of drugs that were being dispensed and now with people and
families destroyed we are trying to find a quick fix to a problem
that is decades in the making.

In reality there is no quick
fix. We feel that taking the drugs off the market is unrealistic
because the people that truly need them are being made to suffer
because the government and medical profession failed to educate and
set guidelines for the companies and doctors that dispense the drugs.

As a recovering addict and the
sister of a current addict I can tell you that the issues that start
people down the road of addiction can be deterred if watched closely
and the signs are seen before its to late. If the doctors were
educated on the issues of the addiction the lives of people could
drastically change. We complain and judge, but we make it almost
impossible to get treatment and the court systems are more about
punishment than recovery. People think if their addicted family
member would only go to jail it would be a Godsend when in reality
that’s the worst place for an addict to be. The drugs in these
institutions is rampant and almost more accessible than on the

The consequences of addiction
are catastrophic to not only the addict but their family and friends.
I have been clean for nearly 23 years, but my sister is the type of
addict that enjoys the life. She wasn’t raised in the addict life
style and truth be known we are product of being given everything as
a child. The ones that suffer the most in my opinion are the
children of addicts. When my 4-year-old son told my mother, he
couldn’t leave me because he had to take care of me, I decided then
and there to get clean. Have I relapsed? Absolutely but I learned
that my addiction is a disease, but relapse is a choice. My sister
like who she is and hasn’t discovered yet the damage she is doing.
I am now raising my 12-year-old nephew that has PTSD from the
physical and emotional abuse from my sister and her many men, ODD
because he never had boundaries and was treated like an adult, and he
doesn’t trust anyone because he’s afraid to be hurt again.

There is no quick fix to the
addiction issue because we have turned a blind eye to the issue for
to long. All we can do is educate the future generations, stricter
guidelines, and stop the judgement and help those in need. Addicts
need access to rehabilitation centers, mental health accessibility,
and most of all they need our ears to listen so we can understand.