Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – What in the world

Name: Sarah L Kemmerer

What in the world

Sarah Kemmerer

Washington State

a nation, we are dealing with an addiction crisis. Over the past few
years, I have been seeing death rates sky rocket from drug usage and
addiction to alcohol. If this weren’t a nation of addicts, maybe
flocks of drug smugglers wouldn’t crash the borders to feed this
evil habit. Or maybe drunks wouldn’t kill so many people on the
roads. Or maybe our health-care system wouldn’t be so costly. This
nation has become addicted to not only alcohol and drugs, but we have
also became addicted to junk food, sugar, sex, internet, gambling,
video games and whatever else someone might be addicted to.

my life, I have seen so many people in my life struggle with
addiction. Some of my closest friends and family have died from
overdoses and liver failure. The consequences of addiction can range
from losing your family, losing a job and even worse, death. Not only
can it be hurtful for the individual, but also to our economy. $120
billion is lost in productivity, $11 billion in healthcare cost and
$61 billion in criminal justice costs.

is a biopsychosocial disorder, so it is a combination of genetics and
neurobiology. This means it is like a chronic disorder, and it can be
treated and prevented. I believe that mental health comes first
before anything else, and this national problems needs to be fixed.
People become addicted because of the chemical in the brain called
dopamine, it increases pleasure and the brain adapts and tries to
reestablish a balance of dopamine and substance to the brain.

It would be very hard to find a remedy for the addiction crisis in
our nation. We can start with small steps to spread the word about
addiction and put more money into research. Also, we can start taking
action by helping the people around us with addiction and finding
resources for them.