Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – We are here to help

Name: Trenton Hammond

We are here to help

believe that the United States as a nation is dealing with a very bad
addiction crisis. Some of the major factors are the availability of
opioids, and the wide range of addictive drugs to the public
nowadays. Some of these drugs being: Nicotine, alcohol, and opioids
being the legal drugs. But there also has been a surge in illegal
drugs in the United States. “ When doctors give their patients
narcotic pain killers, 99 percent of them hand out prescriptions that
exceed the federally recommended three-day dosage limit” (Mozes,
2016). Opioids are so commonly overprescribed that it is extremely
easy for people to get addicted due to the availability of the drug,
this will lead to them needing larger doses to get the same chemical
reactions in their brain from the drug and this will lead to
addiction. But while opioids are affecting the large population of
grownups in the US the teenage and adolescent population are being
hooked on nicotine from vaping products that are designed to target
teenage populations. According to the CDC in 2018 they state that 38
percent of high schoolers and 13 percent of middle schoolers have
tried vaping. Their young brains are being affected because they
aren’t completely developed. The nicotine will make them form a
dependence on the drug and will be a gateway drug to harder drugs in
the future. Nicotine ultimately affects the teenage population and
leads to further addiction problems in the future.

hits some individuals extremely hard. It causes the person to spend
most of their money to get the product that makes them feel good, and
this leads to other health issues because the person is not worried
about anything else but getting that high they desire. Addiction
causes many people their jobs and overall their livelihood and it is
extremely hard to quit the drugs that you are addicted to so sadly
many individuals will never recover. Society is affected because the
family structures are ruined, many relationships are lost and the
communities as a whole are just not as strong due to the fear of
drugs and addiction.

can remedy the crisis on individual levels by letting the addicted
know that they are not alone and helping to rehabilitate these
people. Also people should not isolate them due to their problems but
instead help them get back into society and help them to start
functioning again. On the societal level the word needs to be spread
that addiction is a real and serious problem and that these people
can get help. There needs to be advertisement of rehabilitation
centers, and there needs to be positive messages as to help these
people psychologically. Also the people need to have a lot of
encouragement because addiction is a very serious problem and it is
extremely difficult to overcome due to the changes in a person’s
brain and how the drug affected them psychologically and physically.
Overall people need to be more helpful to these individuals and not
shun them due to their past decisions or problems.


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