Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – War on Drugs, Addictions, and Its Consequences


War on Drugs, Addictions, and Its Consequences

War, war never changes. Worlds have seen many wars and battles, a lot of conflicts, and despair. Right now we are also at war, at war with drugs, and we have been losing that battle for many years now. We as a nation are facing a crisis that was never seen before. It has torn many families and claimed countless lives. The crisis that was manufactured by the greed and vile nature of people, and that that used misfortunes of others’ to fuel its mechanism.

I think at this point in our lives we have known and seen at least one person that struggled with addiction and the abuse of various substances. Perhaps you were the one that struggled with substance abuse and sought rehabilitation. I believe we have a problem and that problem is that drugs were, and are promoted everywhere in our daily lives. Whether it was at the beginning of the century with the over-promotion and over-prescription of OxyContin and other regulated opioid-based drugs that lead to an opioid crisis, and which lead to a large demand for opioids and the establishment of large smuggling routes from South to the North. Or in your local high school where kids sell and use drugs daily and hook up their friends with dealers and plugs. Even in our pop-culture where artists unintentionally promote drugs by including them in their lyrics or making them the cause for their aspirations and artistic processes.

It is so easy to get drugs nowadays. In my school there are at least two to four kids per class that could sell drugs to me, no wonder that we face an addiction crisis. It is impossible to fight an enemy that you do not see, this is why the uncontrolled substance abuse is so hard to fight. We do not know who can smuggle those drugs, or sell them in your neighborhood, and when some of the smugglers and dealers are eventually caught it is too late, the damage has been done. This is why we should fight the sickness and not the symptoms, by regulating and lowering the demand for potentially addicting substances we can finally start gaining an upper-hand in this war on drugs.

The steps that we should take as a society against this widespread problem, are not that difficult. This will not completely solve the issue, however, it will greatly reduce the problem that we are facing right now. The first step is to legalize and regulate certain types of drugs. It will lower the demand for unregulated consumption, so the incentive to smuggle drugs from the other countries will be less. The second step would be to educate teens about drugs and drug usage, and the consequences that come with it. We should stop shaming drug addicts and treat them as human garbage. We should encourage them to go seek help and support them throughout their rehabilitation. Opening more rehab opportunities will also provide people with help and information that they need to come back on track. All of those are simple, yet difficult to achieve, solutions that may alleviate the problem.

In the end, the problems of addictions will never go away. People will still have problems and traumas the lead to that way of life. However, I think that it is possible to help those who are struggling with their addictions and to provide them all the options that are available to them. And with that kindness in mind, we can solve the issue that has been plaguing our nation for decades.