Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Vaping: How America Created Another Addicted Generation


Vaping: How America Created Another Addicted Generation

We as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis. Nicotine affected everyone who became addicted in the ’60s. Everyone was smoking cigarettes and cigars because they did not see a reason as to why inhaling chemicals were dangerous. Almost all of those people have now suffered or are suffering from lung cancer which inevitably kills them. Multiple children have lost their lives due to mothers smoking while being pregnant or smoking in the house with a newborn baby regularly. I lost my grandparents to lung cancer due to the two of them smoking their whole lives. They attempted to quit and then vapes became popular around 2010 and after only three years of vaping, they both had severe lung cancer spreading faster than typical cancer, killing them in a little over a year. While it was inevitable this would happen, I firmly believe the vape made the process speed up and they could have lived a few more years if it were not for the vape. America spent so long telling teens cigarettes were bad and nicotine was bad so tobacco companies thought to make vapes, a fun flavored vapor that is just a fun way to replaced smoking. Now teens are hooked and due to the fun flavors, they refuse to believe it has nicotine in it because it doesn’t taste like it. I have seen teens going to hospitals for collapsed lungs due to vaping and so many more are very prone to COVID-19 due to their now weak lungs. Kids are ruining their lives before they even start them and nobody seems to care. As long as the tobacco industry stays in business then why should they care? In America, we seem to only care about the economy and not the wellness of people. Keeping teens addicted to nicotine keeps the business thriving so it does not matter that people are inhaling what is equivalent to anti-freeze cause money is coming out of the people’s pockets. The nation is suffering and there’s nothing we can do to help as long as capitalism exists. The addiction to nicotine will continue to evolve and kill more and more generations with no remorse.