Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Universal Addiction Crisis


Universal Addiction Crisis

Alicia Sims

Universal Addiction Crisis

The nation as a whole sadly deals with an overwhelming amount of various addictions and the consequences of these addictions affect the individuals indulging as well as the society. By working together, we can remedy this crisis on both the individual and societal level by implementing new ways to deal with these situations. There are countless reasons why the nation is dealing with an addiction crisis whether the cause stems from someone’s physical, emotional or mental state, it’s occurring far too often. When someone begins to develop an addiction, the reasoning behind doing so is different for each individual. Factors that come from within or from outside sources such as stress, difficulties in the workplace, school, friends, family and much more addiction becomes a coping mechanism for those affected. The results from those who deal with addiction experience consequences that affect themselves as well as the society. Through various implementation of services and assistance we can remedy this crisis for all who are affected.

We as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis not only because of individuals who have internal problems, but because of negative external environmental factors that play a large role. Stress from factors such as the workplace, school, home and internal conflict in the individual’s life itself is a large reason as to why I believe we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis. When people are under immense amounts of stress they turn to something that will ease the tension and their minds. This is exactly how addiction begins, they indulge once, twice then three times which eventually turns into a ritual where they have the substance in uncontrollable amounts daily. As a nation where people are always up and about, it can be very easy to slip into a bad habit which turns into an addiction to take off the edge from all the hustle and bustle of the world. Those living in our nation have recognized and addressed the fact that addictions have sadly taken over the lives of millions. I strongly believe that the immense amount of addiction that’s found in America is from stress caused from internal and external factors. By indulging way too frequently in something that eases the tension on that negativity in that individual’s life, that substance is what they become attached to leading to an addiction that’s difficult to recover from. So many people are able to relate to others who are going through the same crisis and get help by speaking up for themselves, but sadly others do not have the coping mechanisms to do so and it takes over their life with no point of return.

There are endless negative consequences to having an addiction such as losing control of your life, losing people in your life, losing your job and losing yourself as a whole because the addiction forms you into a new version of yourself. For the individual and the surrounding society this is truly such a negative process to watch someone change into someone they are not. For the individual they are losing out on the life they could have been living and miss out on all of the memories as well as events because they are too busy being occupied with their addiction. That individual gradually turns into someone who is unrecognizable by their family and friends which is so devastating. Whether an alcoholic or drug addict, that individual shows themself in a negative light because that is not who they are, the substance has gained control of their life. The consequence of addiction is that the individual has a bad influence on the society around them, seeing them not in control of their actions leading them to have altered views of what is really right. The society sees and recognizes this behavior and sometimes it is sadly normalized because seeing someone else be that way inspires them to do the same which has a domino effect.

There are so many different strategies that can be used in order to treat those struggling with addiction. Therapy, counseling, individual and group sessions and rehabilitation facilities are just a few ways that this crisis can be dealt with in order to get the individual back to a happy and healthy life. By being able to sit down and relate with someone who is struggling with the same issues that you are in a group setting allows for relation and confiding with others that others are in the same boat, but you can be fixed. Talking with a trained and knowledgeable therapist to sort through and talk through your problems will allow for emotions to come out so that the deep rooted issue can be found and eventually solved. By working with others and reaching out for help instead of struggling alone with nowhere to turn to, in order to treat those who are addicts going to a rehabilitation center and having therapy allows for structure to come back into the lives of those affected. Teamwork really does help to solve issues because having a shoulder to lean on in times of struggle allows room for improvement and regaining of confidence that your life does not lie in the hands of an addictive substance.