Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction in Our Nation

Name: Klaudia Brozek

Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction in Our Nation

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Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction in Our Nation

Why is it that our society always seems to elucidate a feeling of discontentment? There is always something that an individual desires and once they realize it is something they don’t have or is unobtainable for their situations, they shut down. There is always comparison and jealousy of other people’s lifestyles. We lack satisfaction in what we do have. Because an individual tends to look at their own life as unfulfilled, they reach for something that will ease the pain, proving that unhappiness and stressful dissatisfaction can lead to a struggling path.

Our nation has been dealing with an addiction crisis far longer than we could’ve possibly imagined. It almost seems never ending. However, we have to understand why this is happening. It really comes from living in unfulfillment and unhappiness. When life throws us some sort of obstacle or curveball to the consistency we had felt before, we become depressed and search for an addiction that will help us cope with these negative feelings. In an article written by John Riddle, “Depression, Addiction, and Denial—the ‘DAD’ effect—is something experts agree is a growing concern.” Individuals that carry some sort of addiction with them tend to be avoiding their emotions and decide that the only way to feel better is to fuel their obsession even more. The leading component to addiction is this feeling of uncertainness about oneself and the dissatisfaction they may feel in their life. It isn’t always easy to feel content with the life one may have and it’s nearly impossible for those with an addiction to want to feel the negative emotions they are hiding. In short, unhappiness leads others to a road of forgetfulness and lack of control over their lives.

Because of these mindsets, many experience further consequences of unfulfilled lifestyles, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction with oneself. These can ultimately become harsh long term changes for an individual and will make living that much less of a blessing to those that think emotions shouldn’t be dealt with, but avoided. However, more of the physical problems of addiction can result in health problems and several cases of illnesses and diseases. Addiction can develop both mental and physical issues and is impactful to one’s persona, so it’s important to understand the effects certain addictions can have on an individual. These problems can result in far greater expenses down the line with several attempts at becoming strong and healthy once again. Society, too, notices consequences with these harmful obsessions. Because of them, we can see a downward shift in the ways we view ourselves and our overall ability to function throughout our day to day lives. It’s not easy to wake up everyday and set foot in our daily careers with some sort of addiction weighing on our shoulders and this can negatively impact others in the same atmosphere. To emphasize, “a loss in productivity affects employers directly, and if drug-use is rampant, can result in loss of the business” and is important to understand that addiction of one individual can affect a whole community and isn’t a great mindset to be put in. Due to the negative effects to a person physically and mentally, their work ethic is just not going to be the same especially when it is vital to a whole group of people.

In order to remedy the crisis, the most essential step for anyone to take is to admit to an addiction and stop denying it. This is one of the hardest parts to restore an individual, but is crucial as it builds mental strength and creates the pathway towards change. According to, “medications are an important element of treatment for many patients, especially when combined with counseling and other behavioral therapies.” Not only is it important to gain an understanding of what is going on, but it’s also vital to treat it in any way possible and be aware of it as time goes on in order to not go back to the past cycle of feeling low and nothingness. Verbalizing the issues an individual may experience is one of the healthiest ways to a fresh start and attempt to a more successful direction. It’s one of the most vital components to realizing that one has a real issue as it is impacting their present and future lifestyles, and quickly at that. Without human connection, one can lack the chance at self improvement and the help they’ve always needed, but didn’t quite know they needed. The lack of understanding one’s story is what truly rejects the progress of betterment and stronger development. If we as a society break the stigma of addiction and allow others to feel their emotions, we’d be more successful as a culture in maintaining this crisis.

According to an article titled “Happiness by the Numbers: 8 Stats That Could Change Your Life”, it is said that 40% is the approximate percentage of your happiness that is truly up to you. In order to feel this, we must understand the value in positive emotion because it is truly what can bring us out of those dark times where we may feel lost and lack the motivation to dive deeper into our desired successes. Addiction stops us from achieving our real potential, and who would want to miss the chance at becoming their greatest self?