Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Understanding Addiction

Name: Solomon Gonzales

Understanding Addiction



to figure out what causes addiction is like trying to buy a house in
a neighborhood. There are so many factors that judging it in one
category isn’t going to help you make a proper decision. Before we
figure out what causes addiction, we need to figure out what
addiction is. Addiction is defined as the psychological and physical
inability to stop consuming a drug or substance (Felman). By looking
at the environmental and biological factors, we can address why
people become addicted to drugs and substances.

reasons why people become addicted is that it makes them feel better
about themselves. Addicts use drugs and substances to help them solve
their problems. An example is when a person drinks alcohol to make it
easier for them to socialize with other people. While this might help
them deal with their problems, it doesn’t help them with their
issues in the long term.

people stop taking drugs, they feel awful. They no longer feel good
when they continue to use drugs daily. Withdrawing from drugs makes
them feel so awful that they have to continue to take drugs to feel
normal. People then resorted to using a higher dosage so that they
can feel better about themselves. The consequence of becoming an
addict is that it destroys their life. It even damages their entire
family’s mental health.

people say, “People should be accountable for taking drugs.” The
problem with this statement is that many people use drugs when they
are children. If a child isn’t educated that those drugs are
dangerous, they will use drugs because they can’t make rational
decisions. It is their parent’s or caretaker’s job to educate their
children about the dangers of using drugs and substances. When
children are not aware of the consequences of using drugs, they often
become a victim of their environment.

who grow up from an unhappy household are more likely to use drugs
(NIDA). People use drugs as a coping mechanism so that they could
escape from reality. If a person grows up with abusive parents, they
will use drugs so that they wouldn’t feel the pain of being abused.
Besides this, people use drugs to stop feeling bad. People who have
mental disorders like depression are more likely to use drugs (NIDA).

people are more vulnerable to becoming addicts than other people. One
of the reasons why people use drugs is because of their genes. People
who have less d2 receptors than other people are more likely to
become addicted to drugs (Trifilieff, Martinez). While this makes a
person more vulnerable to drugs, this wouldn’t be the only reason
why people use drugs.

a nation, we are dealing with this epidemic because our government
punishes people for trying to solve their problems. Instead of
hurting people, we should try to help people. In 2001, Portugal was
the first country in the world to decriminalize the consumption of
all drugs (Bajekal). While this seems insane to most people, it
significantly lowers the amount of drug use in the country. The
drug-induced death rate of Portugal has decreased to one-fiftieth of
the United States’ average (Bajekal).

has decreased its drug-induced death rate by creating programs that
supervised drug consumption. In these programs, drug users can
consume drugs with the help of trained staff. Some studies have shown
that these facilities can lead to a drop in the behaviors linked to
HIV and Hepatitis C transmission (Bajekal).

can remedy this crisis by helping people who are addicts. If our
government focuses on helping people, it can help to solve this drug
issue. By creating more therapy centers, we can help individuals with
their mental health. This can save our society since it can save many
people while being cost-effective. Addiction is not a crime, it’s a
medical problem.