Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Thing that trigger addicts


Thing that trigger addicts

Over the years I have battled various forms of addiction, to which; I’ve acquired and gotten rid of some pretty horrid addictions. During my battle, I acquired some of the thought processes of an addict. After recovery, I remember some of the things that triggered some of my running to substances for a solution to the worldly problems that I faced. Frequently, feeling worthless in one’s environment, depression, and even a lack of a social support system can be all it takes to trigger an addict to wish to escape one’s current reality. Likewise, feeling as though the expectations are set too high to ever achieve any success can be another truth that forces an addict to seek an escape. Unfortunately, convincing, arguing, or even punishing the addict is seen as justification as to why whatever substance is preferred, is needed to escape the addict’s current reality. The best approach is to become an alley and find out what it is that the person is seeking to escape in their current reality. Only by facing what the addict is scared of, can the addict ever defeat their addiction.

Many addicts are plagued with mental health issues. This means that most addicts really need mental health treatment. While some in society view these people as addicts, the addicts themselves feel as if they are self-medicating. This may or may not be true. While some addicts are looking to solve real mental health issues, some are using their mental health as a crutch for their addiction. The more an addict becomes impaired, so to do their justifications for continuing the behavior that feeds their addiction. In this understanding, there are two addictions that must be concord, the mental addiction and the physical addiction. Attempting to fix one without fixing the other is setting the addict up for a relapse.

Losing a support system or feeling as though you don’t have a social support system can also become one of the things that leads a person to develop an addictive personality. People with addictive personalities tend to be easier to influence, therefore an easy person to target with an addiction. Understanding the things that triggers the user, finding out how they feel before they use, or even encouraging the addict to keep an addiction journal can become an effective tool to be used for addiction therapy. Developing a social support system filled with unconditional love can help an addict to overcome addiction.

Not being able to live-up to the standard that is required to survive in America can also be one of the reasons that addicts run to their addictions. If you feel as though there is no way for you to win in life, you care less about trying to compete in life. At times, depression can be one of the biggest obstacles to getting through to a person with an addiction. Using logic doesn’t work with addicts because they are not thinking logically, they are thinking from a place of pure emotion. Not giving up on the addict is the most important part of helping them overcome their addiction.

Facing an addiction is not easy and doing it alone can make it even more difficult. Understanding why it is necessary to be sober is one of the first steps to getting an addict over his or her addiction. Getting the person to understand the things that they have to live for and providing resources can go a long way. Ultimately, the addict has to want to overcome the addiction or all efforts are waisted. Once an addict sees their addiction as the life stealing leach that it is, they will be motivated to overcome their addiction.