Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Root Problems of Addiction

Name: Taylor Hillman

The Root Problems of Addiction

Root Problems of Addiction

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase, “Sticks and
stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” While the
intent behind this phrase is positive, it is simply ridiculous. Words
can be very powerful, whether they come from someone else, or they
come from yourself. Negative words and thoughts are not the only
things that can damage our minds. There are various factors that can
lead to issues in one’s mind. Mental illness is something that we,
as a society, are bringing more awareness to, but we definitely still
have many steps to take, especially if we want to put an end to the
addiction crisis.

With the awareness
of mental illness comes various positive outcomes. I believe we are
dealing with an addiction crisis today because of lack of awareness
towards mental illness. For a long time, society tried to ignore
mental illness and, in turn, did not provide the correct help and
resources for those struggling. I believe some people view addiction
as just one problem, the substances. However, people forget to look
into the reasons for which that person started to abuse those
substances. Mental illness is often the answer. By ignoring mental
illness, or shaming people for their problems, we continue to aid in
the addiction crisis.

Additionally, there
are numerous negative outcomes of addiction. First, the person
themselves is being negatively affected, mentally and physically. The
person is not only coping with their already existing mental issues,
but they are adding to them. It is no secret that drugs and excessive
consumption of alcohol does nothing positive for our brain. Also,
their entire body is suffering from the negative consequences of
these substances. One of the most drastic and devastating outcomes is
death. Second, the people around the person struggling with addiction
are affected. Sometimes, people are at risk of losing a loved one. As
mentioned before, they could lose them due to premature death, but
they may also lose them in regards to their relationship. Some
relationships with an addict are too toxic for some people to deal
with, and they end up cutting ties for themselves and their families.
If the relationship is especially toxic, the addict could influence
the people around them to try substances themselves. Lastly, the
society as a whole can be negatively affected by addiction. Sometimes
addiction becomes such a huge issue in the person’s life that they
do not hold a job. So, the people within the society pay for
unemployment and other resources. Altogether, there are no positive
outcomes for the person abusing the substances, or the people around

Finally, I believe
that bring awareness to mental illness and providing the correct
resources to everyone is how we can end the addiction crisis. If we
first begin the conversation regarding mental illness, and the
acceptance of it, we can encourage people who are suffering to come
forward. Then, we can provide therapy, medication, and any other
beneficial resources to these people. If the root issues are
addressed and taken care of, the addiction issues can either be
prevented or stopped.