Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The road to healing our addiction crisis.

Name: David Michael Velez

The road to healing our addiction crisis.

David Velez

road to healing our addiction crisis.

believe that our nation is dealing with an addiction crisis for
multiple reasons. One of those reason I feel is the lack of quality
of care that individuals suffering with the diagnose or the disorder
are not receiving. There has been for a long time a stigma around
addiction and addicts are being viewed as responsible for their
substance use disorder and/or labeled as people that are just not
wanting to change. This type of approach and domineer towards
individuals struggling with this disorder is the wrong approach,
people are diagnosed with a disease or disorder and from a medical
standpoint or mental health stand point it is not the individuals
fault. Take cancer for an example or schizophrenia individuals have
no known blame for having cancer or a mental health diagnose so why
would the nation look upon individuals struggling with a diagnose of
Substance Use Disorder any different or at fault.

has many profound effects on the individual and society as a whole,
the biggest one on an individual level is death that is just the
bottom line today individuals are dying at an all-time high because
of addiction so of the saddest aspects to this is first it is a soul
a human life, next the impact that is left behind with family members
like parents, spouses, and most hurtful the children that are
suffering and entering into trauma at such a young and early stage of
life. It is a well-known fact that society is at an all-time high
rate with crime, coast of medical care, coast of incarceration,
deaths, and the list goes on as far as negative effects. There has to
be a greater emphasis on these facts when it comes to the study
addiction and the impacts of addiction. No stone can be left unturned
and we as a whole have to invest in greater research highly trained
professionals that are willing to go the extra mile to get better

thoughts are that if we can band together as a whole and stop
stigmatizing the disease of addiction then we can better treat it for
what it is a disease and/or disorder. Just like other disorders and
disease it is important that we have good standards and put a high
value on the quality of care then people might start feeling better
about themselves and look at treatment with a more hopeful and
willing attitude. I do not say that it is just societies fault the
individual also needs to be able to take a look at their motivation
towards the treatment of the disorder and together we can come to
better solutions for addressing the issues with the focus on the
individual and what treatment looks like for them. It is really about
Behavior health issues and when someone can be properly directed,
explained, guided to take a look at these behaviors and what is
driving them then the chance of addressing and treating those
behaviors are more likely.