Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Result of One puff

Name: DeShawn Carter

The Result of One puff

Result of One puff

up you will often hear this from an everyday individual or on any
television channel, Life is hard. People from around the world are
always facing some form of difficulties in their life ranging from
financial problems to deciding whether or not to do your homework.
Even if you are that low percentage of high class people unfortunate
events always happen despite how prepared they were. However it isn’t
all about what exactly happened but how people deal with these
events. There are several ways to deal with these hard times such as
being with family, staying calm and collected, and surrounding
yourself in a supporting environment. Whether what the issue and
problem may be, everyone handles the situation in their own way.
Those under a lot of stress during these events may look for an
alternative solution to ease their mind. Alcohol, cannabis, and other
stronger drugs are some of those quick and easy stress relievers. A
lot of stress can be a lead factor in addiction. Addiction is a
serious weight on people’s shoulders. It can happen to anyone at
any age and time. While many people in America are under the
influence of being dependent on a substance they start to neglect any
information that relays a bad message towards using the substance
they are consuming. It is clearly evident the physical and
psychological harm any form of addiction causes on an individual.

Addiction is the
condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or
activity. Often addiction is portrayed in a negative light and
accordingly so due to its connections towards drugs. This addiction
is a seemingly uncontrollable impulse or desire for something that
repeats over and over again for an individual. Personally I have seen
what addiction has done to an individual. A first hand look at what
destroys a person’s character gave me a new perspective of what
commercials try to caution us about. My brother was one of the most
improved students in high school. After moving from a bad environment
and going to a different school my brother truly changed his life
around and started focusing on playing football which in turn forced
him to do good in school. He was considered an outgoing and very
determined person by his teachers, coaches, and teammates. He
graduated with honors and went to sacramento state for two years. I
do not know when he started smoking but when he did and was asked
about it he was very nonchalant with the situation. One thing led to
another and he dropped out of school and when he came back home his
only desire at the time was not to get back into school or get a job
but to have a quick smoke here and there. Smoking then led him to the
wrong crowd of people and with his addiction he started trying
stronger weed, insisting it will not have a negative effect on him.
Now it was his addiction that led him to the wrong type of people and
because of that his weed was laced with a stronger more serious drug
that caused him to do all sorts of crazy things. Being apprehended by
the police and sent to a mental hospital all affected his character.
He is now very quiet and got a lot skinnier due to his constant use
of weed and tobacco. Tobacco contains that very addictive chemical
called Tetrahydrocannabinol
THC which is what’s been laced with all of my brother’s
substances he uses. Smoking affects everyone differently and in most
cases for the worst.

is not the only substance that causes addiction. Alcohol and other
heavier drugs can cause the same, if not worse, destruction towards
an individual as weed does. Physically altering their appearance and
mentally affecting their decisions from right and wrong are caused by
these substances. Addiction can not only cause damages to an
individual but also the people around them. Employment will
essentially becon nonexistent to a person with addiction problems by
enabling them to work at their fullest potential. The substances one
becomes addicted to will cause situations they see as issues and
problems to become unimportant. The stress created from the problem
will belittle itself due to the substances used as a stress reliever.
Addiction creates a cycle within families as well and starts off with
wax pens used by most teens during junior high. As they say these wax
pens are a gateway drug to stronger more dangerous substances. Being
dependent on a substance is what defines an addict. The substance
itself does not have to have any chemicals that makes it addicting to
be addicting. The simple fact that a substance relieves stress or
makes an individual feel good is what draws people back. Addiction,
in every sense of the word, causes pain to yourself and those around


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