Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Hidden Truth About Addiction


The Hidden Truth About Addiction

The Hidden Truth About Addiction

As a child, I grew up with lots of adults and often my parents would hold parties when they were still slightly party people themselves. Now they never were as bad as some of those things that are in television or where those real-life cases occur where people get hurt in more than one way or something. But there were times that it felt wrong, especially as a kid being pretty much left alone to watch television and movies in my movie to keep me away from it. Each an everyone of my family members has a history of addiction, or new someone that faced an addiction crisis. The hidden truth about America’s addition problem is that it is everywhere. If you ever see that weird scene in television, like in the Secret Life of Pets 2 where the little dog fears for his owner’s child because of everything around him seems dangerous for the kid. Additions are the same for us, its almost mockingly horrifying how almost everything around us is an addition. People always have something around them that too much of can hurt them, be it food, television, gaming, working, not working, and of course the substance additions around us. Americans are very spoiled, we as a nation are privileged to have the things we do. Granted not everyone has these things, but the average man will have food and television, and so many luxuries that they will take for granted. I believe our addiction crisis is hidden beneath the hidden luxuries that we take for granted, that we forget were blessed upon us and not given to us because we deserve it. I remembered this recently when I went through Colorado’s Driving guild line and rules for driving, the law itself says that driving is a privilege and not a right. Yet many people treat or even think that it is a right given to them.

Consequences of this have made Americans more susceptible to temptations and arrogance. I enjoy getting things like many others, I find small amounts of joy in receiving and giving, so buying things makes sense. I am a consumer, and there is a supply and demand for things. The only thing I do not enjoy, is the way that people make livings off people’s greed and need to continually feed their addictions. American have more things bought from other countries and less consumer and supply good from our own resources. This is not very economical and hurts us. One day I was looking through articles for another paper, and I found an article and a statistical report that Americans is the number one consumer nation and has the most debts. I found this news disheartening especially since the only reason why is because of our own greed for what we want. Supply and demand, businessmen feed off this. Our addictions are not only substance but consumer. This also resulted in how people think about their own substances, not really caring or turning a cheek to the harm it does to themselves. Think of tobacco users, vaping, and alcohol users. All these products can within regulations can be bought anywhere. I remember a history lesson, where citizens threw a riot for the government banning the buying of alcohol and because of the riot the ban was lifted. Much to my dismay, we can not always do wht is right because sometimes the additions of others can be too much for one solution. Besides even then the people would look for other things and other ways to fulfill their addiction, this would be called digging their own graves. The use of tobacco even though is very unhealthy is still some of the most consume goods on the market, also increased and added to the youths by supplementing the use of tobacco into vaping as well as smoking and chewing. I had both my fathers smoking for a long time, all my uncles smoked and some of my aunts do too. My dad only recently quit, and it was one of the hardest things he has ever done, my grandpa almost died and ruined his family before life just slapped him in the face and he stopped drinking. Some people can recover, but the question that every individual needs to ask is how far and how long it will take for them to put down the shovel and climb out of graves of their own demise. When they are almost going to break, when they do break, or when others are going to break because of them? America is a very individualistic society, yet we as humans are still very social animals. People that are literally kept away from almost all social involvement lack certain skills that harm them, and their psychology can be very delicate. Even people that were alone but had pets that raised them. Had brains that were scanned and found to be smaller than the average human brought up by other people. As such, even when we feel alone or believe that are actions are ours alone and not hurting anyone. The truth is that there is always someone watching and affected by those actions. The biggest consequence of addiction is that they are blinded to the harm they are causing themselves and others around them. Where their own self-deprivation is becoming more than a one-man suicide plan, but more of an involuntary suicide squad.

One of the first remedies that showed be done for this issue as a society is to tell the youth and teach them the proper ways pf handling addictions. When I was little, a lesson my parents taught me is not to beg, to think before I ask for something do, I need that or do I want that. If I want it then I do not need it, so that money could be used for something else that was important instead, or even to help other people instead. I believe that teaching children and attempting to get adults to understand is the difference between unknowingly splurging to fill a void I themselves, or splurging because you earned it and it is okay to be splurging for a little self-pampering. It reminds me of my father, whenever he gets drunk and about halfway through his drinking, he runs out of beer and goes to by more across the street. Before he drinks the new beer supply he bought he will passes out every time. Unknowingly splurging is like being blinded and thinking that you need more, when you run out is a good time to say that is time to stop. I also from my own experience understand that many children are becoming more and more involved in drugs and substance abuse. Stealing from their parents or buying off the street from the older people, then sharing it with their friends. Another resolution is to implement better restriction systems for people that have prior experience to prevent them from accessing their various additions. Such as, requiring a license and permit of sort to be able to purchase alcohol. In addition, restricting the amount of alcohol allowed at a party this both as a social and individual choice to implement these restrictions. Possible creating another organization for the sole purpose of making sure these regulations are being implemented.

These solutions and more solution that are always welcomed would take time, so the main objective would be to implement a long-term plan and solution. To invoke patience and perseverance as the changes needed to improve the addiction crisis will be hard and not easy to pursue. The hardest thing for people to do I to change their own habits and practice better habits.