Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – the future.

Name: Lisandra Farias

the future.

believe that as a nation we are becoming addicts as a lack of love.
It may seem so simple to fix but it isn’t. We can’t sit here and lie
as if we haven’t been guilty of lashing out at someone who didn’t
deserve it or flip off someone who accidentally cut you off on the
highway. Life is so simple, but we as human are good at tearing each
other down. We attack each other like we our own pray. People become
addicted because of sadness or simply being lonely and it all begins
at home. Life can be great outside or the other way around, but are
we taking the time to thank and appreciate the people in our lives
often? Personally I have tried my best to show that to all the people
in my life but like they say, “We are many, but are we much?”

consequences of addiction can be losing the most important person in
your life which is our selves. Losing your mind, becoming crazy, and
treating the people you love, like your kids like trash. Then
eventually, it’ll become an ongoing cycle of unhappy people and so
on. Blaming your parents for the way you are is one thing, but I’ve
learned that it’s your character that can change by the thousands of
choices you make daily.

remedy to this addiction crisis has to begin with us. The way we
treat other and control the way we respond to situations. We can’t
continue to expect so much from others when we aren’t making efforts
to help others either. We choose to act like it’s not a problem and
things are going to continue getting worse like us as people but
there’s good in every person even if they try to hide it. At least
that’s what I hope.