Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Food That We Eat

Name: Jullian Del Rosario

The Food That We Eat

Given the fortune of living in a first-world country in this modern age, we are living in a time of abundance. For many, the way we consume food has become convenient, with countless options and affordability. With that comes a large downside, because of American’s vast availability to food, we are dealing with a crisis that plagues our health and healthcare systems around the nation. In recent years we have been dealing with an obesity problem with many enjoying the types of food that they are available to buy. With our relationship with food, many of our options considered widely unhealthy due to the processed products that we consume often containing high levels of sugar and fats. Coupled with its easy attainability we often choose these options over healthy and likely more expensive options leaving many to no choice but to choose unhealthy ones.

In these past few years, the rates of obesity have been climbing steadily with nearly a significant portion of Americans considered obese. While most people are often living normal lives, prolonged diets that lead to high rates of obesity can cause damage to our bodies in the long run. With increased risks of cardiovascular problems, health problems are immense. In turn, the number of money hospitals spends on treating obesity-related health problems is well over $100 billion dollars annually. Also, it surely doesn’t help when you look at the affordability of certain foods. With fast food places having very cheap prices but incredibly unhealthy food, some people don’t have the nutritional knowledge of other options. Because of this, their daily lives would most likely be affected by unhealthy food affecting how you feel every day in terms of lifestyle. These options are also filled with ingredients that activate our rewards systems in our brains with large amounts of sugar and fats. With its availability, these options are often eaten on a large basis, with healthier options set aside as the main focus of consumption.

What we can do to remedy this problem is with educating and hopefully making sure that people know and have better options. Not everyone has the same knowledge when it comes to what they’re eating. Sure, food that are sold have a calorie count or maybe even nutritional labels, but to those that do not have any clue to what they mean, their most likely to get what looks good or will get them the most bang for their buck no matter how unhealthy it could be. For those that are just looking for cheap food, these low priced menus at fast food establishments seem like a blessing for their pricing when in actuality they might be very unhealthy. To make sure we can deal with how people consume food, there have to be healthier options for people to choose from at more affordable prices and more education in terms of what we consume. Why shouldn’t we teach people about basic knowledge concerning every day of their lives, eating? With better choices and awareness of the kind of food people purchase, this will lead to communities and individuals living healthier lifestyles.

In today’s age, we can get food ordered to our homes in the manner of minutes. If you just turn the corner you’ll probably find a number of chain restaurants. Our accessibility of food without better options and a better understanding of what we put in our bodies of addictive and unhealthy ingredients, we continue to go about our days without proper nutrition. When we are able to provide these, our communities can only gain by leading healthier lives.