Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Crisis of Addiction

Name: Tara Canady

The Crisis of Addiction

Crisis of Addiction

is something that most, if not all, people in America have or are
experiencing whether they realize it or not. Part of our problem with
the addiction epidemic is that people associate the term addiction to
just mean drugs and alcohol. And while those are certainly terrible
addictions, they are by no means the only or most common addictions.
People can be addicted to food, caffeine, pornography, shopping,
working, and that’s only to name a few. Addictions of any kind are
dangerous because each one of them have side effects. Alcoholism can
lead to broken families, health issues, homelessness, even death.
Addiction to food usually leads to obesity and health problems.
Addiction to caffeine also leads to health problems. Addiction to
pornography can lead to broken relationships and unrealistic
expectations for sexual relationships. Addiction to shopping can lead
to financial ruin, debt, and broken relationships. Addiction to
working (workaholics) can lead to divorce and broken relationships.
Any kind of addiction has negative consequences.

believe we are dealing with this addiction crisis because of our
cultural views as Americans. We push consumerism and capitalism, and
this leads to addictions. We see commercials of things we want but
can’t have and spend more money than we make. This can lead to
shopping addictions or becoming a workaholic because you keep
striving to achieve more and more and nothing is ever enough.
Alcoholism and drug abuse, any many other addictions, stem from
having an unhappy life and being more stressed than is healthy. In
this case, instead of stress being a positive motivator to improve
one’s life and meet one’s goals, it becomes overwhelming and
people want to relieve it through alcohol, drugs, shopping, eating,
or anything else that may take away that mental pain.

only way we can fight addiction is to change the way we think as
individuals, as communities, and as a nation. Money can not be our
end all-be all. Work can not be our life. Family and friends should
be more important than making money because they are what make life
worth living. Having a good support system helps people not get
addicted to things. Openly acknowledging our addictions to trusted
individuals helps as well. If we aren’t willing to admit that
something is wrong, it will never get fixed. People also need goals
in their lives. If we aren’t constantly striving toward new things,
making achievable short-term goals to reach our long-term goals, we
will never feel satisfied with our lives, and not getting that
satisfaction can instigate addictions. These goals should not be
monetarily based but should instead be about improving one’s life
and especially the lives of others. A great aspect for these goals is
choosing a career, not based on how much money you can make, but one
that speaks to your interests and talents, something that can inspire
you each day and give you a purpose.

are serious and they are a crisis in America today. But if we are
willing to work with one another to improve our lives and the lives
of others, to be open and honest, and to build supportive
relationships I believe that we can change American culture and
addictions will be a thing of the past.