Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Consequences of Addiction

Name: Conner Rust

The Consequences of Addiction


In Malibu

Consequences of Addiction

is something that has plagued society for thousands of years. It is
something that is completely misunderstood by the majority of people.
However, people suffer from it more than one would think. The
consequences of addiction are much worse than what is portrayed in
health classes and the media. If a person slips too far into the path
of addiction, it can completely change the individual at their core.
I have seen this happen first hand in my immediate family. Oftentimes
the damages are so severe that not even family members can help the

as a nation are currently in the midst of an addiction crisis. There
are many contributing factors to this crisis. To begin, there is not
enough information given in the school system about what addiction
can do to an individual. I remember going through school the only
information regarding substance abuse was “drugs are bad”. This
is not nearly enough information to be given to students.
Furthermore, drug abuse is installed in our culture through music
currently. There are many rappers glorifying the use and abuse of
prescription medication. The majority of people who listen to this
type of music is youth. Many youth individuals are easily convinced
by the people they idolize. This is a major problem in our society.

someone is introduced to a substance, the last thing on their mind is
the long term effects of the use of it. It can start off with mild
usage that does not have many negative side effects. Then, if usage
progresses, the individual can easily become addicted to the
substance. Once somebody is addicted, it can completely change their
life. If you do not have the substance for a certain amount of time,
the withdrawal effects can be a living hell. My sister is somebody
that has experienced this first hand. Imagine growing up and
idolizing your sister. She was doing well in school, she would always
watch over me, and she was overall a good contributor to society.
This sister was taken away from me because of addiction. She is no
longer the same person. The only thing on her mind for the last 15
years has been, “where am I going to get my next fix?”. Not, “how
am I going to improve myself and society today?”. I have had
conversations with her about her usage. She has told me that the only
reason she has continued her abuse of the substances is because of
the horrific withdrawal symptoms. She described them as pure terror,
constant anxiety, and physical weakness. This addiction has
completely changed her. She no longer has the aspirations that she
used to. Furthermore, our family has tried to help her countless
times without success. This is very saddening to us all because she
will most likely end up dying from this abuse. Addiction is a very
sad reality at its core. People must be more informed about what it
can do to a person.

only way to combat the issue of addiction is informing people of what
it can truly do. The school system in particular should show children
at a young age the reality of addiction and what it can do to a
person. By simply saying “drugs are bad”, to a student, they do
not get the entire message of addiction. If students were given first
hand accounts of people in a rehabilitation center about their
experiences, it may have a greater impact on the students’ decisions.
Though this may be seen as taboo by some people, this raw information
may be very helpful in combating addiction. Students should be shown
the truth about addiction so they themselves will never have to be a
victim of it. Trust me, nobody wants to go through the consequences
of addiction.