Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Consequence of Addiction

Name: Madison Chock

The Consequence of Addiction

Consequence of Addiction

a nation, I feel that we are dealing with an addiction crisis due to
the uprising of a need for money. I feel that since America is still
in debt, money and income has slowly gone down so many people are
finding ways to make money. One of the biggest ways is through
dealing drugs. With an abundance of people selling drugs, there is
also an abundance of customers, which results in addiction. Another
reason for this addiction is the advance of technology. Advancing
technology created things like a dab pen or an e-cig. I feel that
these things affected the teens of society as they seem appealing
which results in addiction.

are many consequences of addiction. To the individual, you are almost
dependent on the drug or alcohol that you are addicted to. You depend
on it to fulfill your needs. You also risk your health and your
future. By being addicted you could face health problems in the
future that can, unfortunately, be life-threatening. These addictions
affect society, because the others around you unfortunately have to
watch and suffer as you throw you life away. You dependents must
suffer as you use all the money to fulfill your addictions. Your
friends and family must watch as you don’t pay your rent but pay to
buy more drugs. Society pities you as you completely destroy your

I feel that we can remedy this crisis by continuing to advocate these
problems, but also trying to eliminate the suppliers. We can create
stricter rules and laws to reduce addication. We can create bigger
penalties instead of letting people off the hook. We can create
better programs to help with these addiction problems. We can have
others voice thier opinion.