Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The consequence of addiction for an individual or in a society?


The consequence of addiction for an individual or in a society?

Madison Free

May 29th, 2020

Addiction Scholarship


The consequence of addiction for an individual or in a society?


Addiction is one of the biggest crises in the world today, where people are constantly buying unprescribed drugs from dealers all around the U.S, or getting prescribed from their doctors not to use for their health problem or as their treatment. Usually, drug addiction starts out as an experiment, messing around with different drugs that are either illegal or legal (prescribed) substances. But the more you put it into the body the more your body will crave it especially at higher dosages, the reason for this is because the substances are releasing chemicals and toxins throughout the body and to the brain stimulating it and making the brain telling the body that it is good for it. This is the main reason why people get addicted to it, and the more they get into the more dangerous substances like fentanyl, or opioids and taking higher doses of those substances is going to create more cravings that will be harder to stop. Taking these substances that are not just making you addicted to them but they are also slowly damaging your body, like your liver, lungs, and any other virtual organs that could eventually lead to a heart attack or liver failure etc. But also people that are taking these substances, may accidentally take too much of a substance that could lead to an overdose, which can be deadly if you are alone or somewhere private. If someone were to call 9-1-1, the health care professionals (paramedics) would most likely reverse the side-effects by using narcan, which then usually within seconds that person is conscious. Those are usually the consequences for an individual with an addiction problem, but also people who are caught with a certain amount of an illegal substance that could be considered a crime and could lead to someone being arrested and facing further charges. As for our society today, when it comes to addiction to substances and substance abuse, it usually affects the people who are close to those who are addicts, and usually try to help, sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Another big thing that happens with substance addiction is that they can mix with the wrong crowds and usually buy illegal substances from people from “ the streets” or people who are part of a gang of some sort. Where people are spending hundreds of dollars on a substance just to get “high.” The people who get mixed up in this type of life, usually cannot get out either because they are in debt or they would have enemies on their back which then could lead to crimes or fights and even deaths. So the main consequences when it comes to addiction in our society would be overdoses, crime, death or jail time. But there are ways that people that can fix the problem that they have but that is not what this paper is about. It’s about that every individual or in a society that has an addiction will face some type of consequence at some point of their lives, that they may not be able to go back and fix.