Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – The Art of Peer Pressure

Name: Micah Cornel

The Art of Peer Pressure


May, 2020

Art of Peer Pressure

long as history has dated back, humans have always thrived to fit
into the “societal standards.” Whether it is a social hierarchy
in the government or trying to impress someone a person has taken
interest in, it is a subconscious goal for almost all humans is to
“fit in.” This trend has allowed for drug use to be integrated
into human life through peer pressure. The natural human nature for
people to want to impress other people is the basis as to why as a
nation we are dealing with an addiction crisis. For instance, a quiet
boy goes to a party with his friends where he sees a cute girl
hitting a bong, naturally this boy has no other means for
communication with the girl so he pushes his logic aside and starts
smoking with the group. This simple instance shows how peer pressure
takes form in many different ways, not always stemming from other
people specifically. Although its not as likely that someone will
shoot heroine just because someone else is, a person could use a
gateway drug such as marijuana and get hooked, leading them to
meeting with other drug users who introduce them into more serious
drugs such as heroine. In this instance, although not likely, the
quiet boy could lead down a dark path of drug abuse and depression,
all because he wanted to impress a cute girl at a party.