Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Technology is in all of our systems.

Name: Jamelly Escobedo

Technology is in all of our systems.

Were dealing with addiction? The answer is simple: Yes we are. At this point you may be asking yourself, what kind of addiction is the world dealing with today? Once again the answer is simple, our addiction is technology whether we choose to deny or accept our addiction it is explicitly clear that most humans in today’s day and era are hooked on their technology devices. Approximately 16,000 people have died from being distracted on the cellular phones during 2001-2007, Shirley numbers have increased due to social media.

People are constantly being blinded by technology unable to open their eyes to the fact that people are dying from distractions on technology whether you’re being your phone, tablet, computer, TV, etc. people are losing lives. My mother for instance was on her phone sending her friends an “important” message when all of a sudden her screen went black and our lives forever changed. I as a young teen received a call later that day informing me that my mother had been in an accident, traumatized by the idea that one day anyone could have their life taken away with technology I cried. I was thankful for not losing my best friend/mother that day but many others aren’t so thankful. Infact, many say that technology has brought us to a new and better world, yet many kids suffer from depression from social media which brings the need to question whether technology is truly good for humanity.

We can prevent this addiction by taking a step back from technology and allowing us to endure what life has brought to us, whether it’s going on a walk and allowing yourself to disconnect from your technology devices by simply leaving your phones, tablets, computers, etc. away where you can return to it in a later time. When one goes to eat out at a restaurant and takes a moment to look around we can see kids on their phones in front of their gradients ignoring them because they would much rather be on their phones. I for one would love to be able to grow up and be able to hold a conversation with my children without having to be staring at a screen and form bonds that can’t be made through a screen.

Therefore, I would love for people to become aware of their addiction towards technology and understand that taking a step back every now and then can build unbreakable bounds with our loved ones. Rather than being caged in the wires of technology which can cause people to drift apart and/or cause death to enter their lives.