Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Substance Abuse

Name: Alexandria Marie Osborne

Substance Abuse

abuse is a huge thing in the United States, with things such as
drugs, alcohol, and even caffeine being abused, and getting people
addicted. Addictions can be caused by trauma, stress, or even by
accident. Addictions to these substances are very common in the
United States, but even so, there are multiple ways we can stop them.

and alcohol are a couple of the main substances being abused in the
United States. People use these to get away from the problems they
face in life. One of my friends is a drug addict and he got into it
while his parents were getting divorced, which had a massive effect
on his life. But, even though he used to use drugs a lot, he’s now
going to counseling and working on getting clean, and I’ve seen a
great change in him. Counseling is a great way for people to get
through problems they’re going through. It won’t make them go
away, but it’s a way better option than drug usage.

ties in a little bit with drugs. Once people have a certain about of
it, and aren’t completely sober, they let loose a little, and
either forget about their problems or let all their feelings about
their problem spill out. This is why counseling is a good option for
substance abuse and whatever is going on in people’s lives, because
once you’re not sober and all those feelings start spilling out,
you’re most likely going to embarrass yourself or say something you
shouldn’t be saying.

way to avoid substance abuse is just not having any substances in
your house, and avoid them when you’re around your friends. If
you’re around drugs and alcohol, you’re more likely to use them,
so if you don’t have them near you then you’re less likely to get
addicted. If someone’s already addicted to those substances,
though, going cold turkey and getting rid of everything isn’t the
smartest decision. Therefore, all those people need to do is use less
and less every day until they can go without it, with a doctor’s
help if needed.

doesn’t seem like a drug, and it doesn’t seem life threatening,
but it most certainly can be. People have had heart attacks from
drinking too much energy drinks in a day, which sometimes resulted in
death. Of course, you don’t have to take it into an extreme
situation like drugs, because it’s easier to go cold turkey with
caffeine. The worst side effect of not having caffeine when addicted
is just feeling tired and groggy, but after a week or so, the person
affected by it will be able to stay awake on their own.

substances cause problems around the United States, and people tend
to have a hard time getting out of addiction. Even so there are
multiple ways to get out of it, such as counseling or getting rid of
the substance. It may seem impossible, but it really isn’t.