Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Substance Abuse

Name: Natalie D. Grupp

Substance Abuse

D. Grupp

off, we will agree that drunk driving is ridiculous in this age and
day, but people still engage in drunk driving because they do not
want to pay for an Uber or Lyft, they think that they are okay to
drive, or they just do not really care. Driving themselves is the
most convenient option while going out. It saves money spent on cab
services such as Uber or Lyft, and it allows people to carpool.
Although carpooling with a drunk

increases distraction and is more dangerous, people still make these
choices, thinking that the driver is only buzzed and can drive. They
trust the drive to get them home safely. One example of this is when
You-Tuber Corey La Barrie recently died after getting into a car with
drunk driver Daniel Silva. The driver, Silva, was arrested, and his
friend ended up dead. They crashed into a tree and stop sign. Silva
will have to live with the fact that he was the cause of his friend’s
death for the rest of his life, while also being held accountable in
our law system as well. So sad.

notion that prompts people to drive under the influence is that they
do not fully believe that they are incapable of driving. They claim
that the drunk-goggles driving education services have their students
put on to stimulate the vision and feeling of drunk driving does not
meet what the reality of being drunk is in inauthentic situation.
There are different levels of being drunk, and the googles only
stimulate the extreme level of drunkenness to the point where someone
would be blacking out.

people that still think they are capable of driving also have
influenced feelings from the alcohol or drugs. They believe that they
are invincible and can control themselves when that is actually
false. As such, they will take risks, act out foolishly, and
participate in dangerous activities such as leaving with a stranger
at house party and ending up possibly violated and injured because
they cannot remember making these choices due to being under the

The different effects drugs
and alcohol have on people also include individuals choosing to use
them as

escape from reality. So the question many of these people do not ask
themselves is: If you voluntarily go under the influence knowing the
side-affects, why do you think you can control the influence or
overpower it when driving? You cannot control yourself as you
regularly would if you put something foreign in yourself that affects
your bodily functions and judgement capabilities. Alcohol abuse
affects both. When you consume a lot of alcohol, you easily will lose
control and possibly cause damage or get injured.

driving can have long-term negative impact on your life too. My uncle
experienced a DWI when

was nineteen years old. Luckily he did not injure anyone, nor was he
hurt. A state trooper pulled him over ashes was driving home from a
party at a lake house and arrested him. He said that if he had really
thought about it, he should have just stayed over at the lake house
with his friends. But, that is just it. He was not thinking clearly
at the time because he was under the influence of alcohol. I consider
him a good man. He then told me that it stayed on his driving record
for ten years, and it affected his auto insurance and opportunities
that he could not pursue, such as he had to explain why he had a DWI
for certain job applications as he had to explaining detail what
happened whenever he applied for particular jobs. He warned my
siblings and I to never drive while under the influence at all costs,
and to call either my parents or him and my aunt to come and pick us
up wherever we would be at any time of the day or night. My parents
and uncle promised that they would not hesitate to come and not ask
questions, at least until the next day.

all know that a way to address the issue of DUIs is to show numerous
drunk driving accident videos

driver’s education courses and include those drunk-goggles for
students to wear. But even after all that education, many of students
do not listen to the warning signs, especially if they are college or
high school students. They think “I won’t let that happen to me”,
“I can control how much I drink”, and “I know how to be safe”.
And, while we think that can be true, in reality it is not. Anything
can go wrong. You can be driving and lose focus and then lose control
of the car. You can control how much you drink but one of those
drinks could

laced with another substance making you become unexpectedly even more
under the influence of something really bad.

under the influence is wrong on all accounts, and one way of fixing
it is actively not drink or

do any drugs at all. When you plan on using your own vehicle for
transportation, make sure that your friends understand that you will
not be drinking. It is simple as that – be firm in your resolution
to not drink and drive. Drinking and driving causes messy and
dangerous situations for yourself, people you care about, and
possibly lives. Abstinence is one of the easiest solutions to prevent
things from happening, along with that is having awareness.

conclusion, abstinence, awareness, and making good choices will
hopefully help prevent people from getting hurt, abusing alcohol, and
having long term negative impact on their lives due to driving while
under the influence of alcohol.