Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Stop normalization of unhealthy substances


Stop normalization of unhealthy substances

I believe our nation is facing an addiction crisis because of mental health issues. When a person is depressed or has anxiety they turn to pills or drinks that help them feel numb and out of their sadness or worry. While they reach for unhealthy substances they fall into a deep hole of addiction. I also see that people think drinking alcohol is a lifestyle and a way to have fun, and our nation has normalized this too much, especially because people say “Oh I need a drink after this” when they are stressed or had a long day at work. It is normalized that the only way to rewind is to drink alcohol, which is untrue. There needs to be a normalization of better social events that do not include drugs and alcohol.

If our nation helped with mental health then we can see less addiction. The consequences of addiction are an unfortunate manner is that people pass away from it. A family gets torn apart when addiction is happening in their household and lives, it hurts them mentally, and physically they are struck by the financial burden of a sick person. As for socializing with alcohol I think we can focus on the dangers of alcohol rather than the commercials of alcoholic beverages that show people having a great time with alcohol in their hands.