Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Stop It!

Name: Esmeralda Jazlyn Castaneda

Stop It!


Growing up with my father and
two boy siblings in a single family home was very difficult in my
teenage years. My father’s youngest brother also lived with us
because he had just came from another country to the US. That said, I
was the only female surrounded by four boys which I felt lonely. My
uncle didn’t speak English at that time, so I would be his
translator when he had his doctor’s appointment.

I can remember my uncle
Octavio had lower back pain because he injured himself at work. He
got Oxycotin prescribed, which is a medication to treat moderate to
severe pain. I can clearly remember that he got his prescription and
he really didn’t want to take it because he had heard roamers that
these pills were highly addicting pills. But his pain was so severe
that he decide to take them after all because plain Tylenol wouldn’t
stop the pain. After several months I’ve notice that he would be
popping pills like if they were candies. He got so addicted to these
pills that my uncle had no control anymore over himself.

It wasn’t long that the
doctor was prescribing the max dose on Oxycotin for my uncle Octavio
back pain. My father would tell my uncle to, “Stop It!” but he
was too dependent to these harmful prescribed drugs to even think of
stopping. I would tell myself these pills are supposed to cure pain
and relieve the person from suffering, but it actually harms them
even more than they went in to begin with. My uncle was on the
streets buying Oxycotin, which I think it was or maybe it was even
something stronger, from other people because he wanted even more
pain relief than what the doctor had prescribed him. He was so
dependent on these pill that he became depressed and started to drink
alcohol, which is even worse to take with Oxycotin.

At age 25 my uncle Octavio had
died of an over dose on Prescription drug containing Oxycotin in
conjunction with street drugs. It had only taken my uncle one year to
get addicted and die. Now I fear when someone in my family goes to
the doctor and gets prescribed drug medication that they will become
dependent on that drug. I know that my uncle Octavio was and isn’t
the only person out there that has gotten addicted and/or dies from
an overdose of drugs, either prescribed or bought on the streets.

Our nation is dealing with
addiction crisis by our own Physicians, who have been sworn to help
and cure patients. Almost every person who sees a doctor comes out
with a prescription drug that has some type of Narcotics, which are
opioids. A person goes to the dentist with a tooth ache and they get
prescribed Acetaminophens, another type of opioids. If a person goes
to the Emergency Room they get some type of opioids to supposedly
stop the pain until they see their primary doctor. The patient just
got introduced to a Narcotic medication that can eventually lead them
to becoming addicted and/or die.

The consequences a patient may
have once they become addicted is that they lose family, properties
and eventually die if they don’t get help soon. Many addicted
people don’t want to admit they have an addiction problem, just
like my uncle Octavio, and begin to sell all their belonging to buy
more Narcotics on the street if they don’t get enough from their
physician. Family members get tired of insisting them on getting help
and telling them to, “Stop It!”

In our society it is hard to
keep drugs off the streets, but if communities get together to make a
change it can happen. There is a lot of help for people who are
addicted and want to, “Stop it,” they only have to accept and
reach out for help. One small addiction can convert into a life
threatening addiction, which can not only harm that person but the
entire family as well.

If someone has a family member
or knows a person who is addicted to any kind of drugs and/or alcohol
should never give up on them. This person who is addicted has no clue
they have fallen into a deep hole and that there is cure for them.
This person can regain control of their life again, but they need to
have willpower and commit to recover. If only my uncle had more moral
support from his family I think he would still be here with us, to me
it seemed we didn’t do much to help him face and “Stop It.” My
father was strict and accused him of not being good for anything when
he was addicted to drugs, when I think my father could have been
there for him instead of accusing him.

Together with society and
communities, this world could be a better place to live in for our
future, by helping out people who need the help and accepting them by
who they are. We can lead them to the right path and be by there site
until they have fully recovered. I know we won’t be able to stop
the drug trafficking but by informing people how harmful and
addicting they can be to a human being. By letting people know that
if they need help it is out there if needed and there is no shame on
accepting help. So, as a team together we can, “Stop it!”