Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Real Life

Name: Myles Halcomb

Real Life

*Individual Counseling 

I began my first individual counseling session with Judy Drake on 3-20-20 at First Steps Counseling of Plano. We meet once a week. We have discussed my entire situation regarding CPS and the pending criminal charges. I have expressed to her my desire to maintain sobriety. She thinks focusing on relapse prevention is in my best interest. I agree. I really enjoy my individual sessions. I have been able to grow and learn through assignments and sessions by verbalizing my feelings and emotions. I find I can identity feelings and situations that bring frustrations or anger and apply effective tools. I have learned utilize such tools as pausing and taking deep breaths and counting to ten while doing so, prayer and meditation, as well as putting pen to paper and using that as a tool to express myself positively. Is there a form you can send me that I can give to my counselor to release information?




I began this round of IOP because it had been stated that you never got the results from the first one that I attended (despite me signing a release). I decided to do this while I was out of work so I could totally focus. IOP is at First Steps Counseling of Plano, this week will be my last week. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have made changes to the program. Things are on a day-to-day basis. They are working on making the groups and individual sessions via conference calls. After I complete IOP I will be stepping down to SOP.

I really enjoyed Focus on Fatherhood. I learned that I was not the only single father in the world with family issues. In my opinion this was the best experience I have had throughout my court ordered services.

In regards to the release form, can you please send me two (2) so I can make this happen? I was un-aware the department would pay for this service. If I had known that the department would pay for the program, I would have reached out and asked for help. I appreciate your helping hand. I currently owe $200 this week. I am in the process of setting up a payment plan for that amount. I know there are forms involved so the sooner we can get the ball rolling the better. I am doing everything I can to please the courts. 

The week you asked me to take a drug test I had just been denied a job that would have been a promotion for me because of the arrest pertaining this case. I had taken and passed a drug test with them and provided the info of where the test was taken. I was now unemployed and desperately seeking work. I also became very upset after I learned that Holly was living in Frances’s home with Faith. I should have slowed down, complied and taken another test (your test) but I was being indignant and self-righteous.


CPS has not made a request for me to take a drug test since then. In the process of looking for work during the COVID-19 shut down, I did take a drug test for a company and have forwarded those results to everyone. There is the plan for one in the mediation we are negotiating right now and once the Stay at Home Order is lifted, I will comply.




I attend AA/NA every day and am working with a sponsor. Even with COVID-19 affecting attending in person, I attend daily zoom meetings online. I really enjoy this program and the people I have met at the Addison Group. It has taught me to be self-aware and it is a life-long commitment to sobriety. I had a period in my life of almost 3 years sobriety beginning January 2016. It was a humbling experience coming back to NA/AA and I acknowledge I never truly worked the steps. I thought my relationship with God was enough but now I have learned the steps are exactly what I need. I just finished Step 8. As I previously stated, my counselor and I are soulfully focusing on relapse prevention. This includes continuing a healthy lifestyle by working out, eating healthy, prayer, meditation, and AA/NA meetings. After I complete all 12 Steps, I look forward to giving back to other individuals who want help working the steps. Sponsorship is something I look forward to. My sponsors name is Bryan Shepard, his phone number is (972)804-4563.




No ma’am, I am not living alone. I live with my girlfriend. Her name is Nina Saso. Her date of birth 09/28/82. She and I are happy to provide whatever information you need for background checks. We can schedule a time that works best for all of us to do a FaceTime visit through our home. I have lived here approximately a month and a half. 




At the moment, I am unemployed. I have been actively searching for employment. However, it has been difficult because when a background search is conducted, the current pending charges reflect “indecency with a child by sexual contact”. I have yet to meet an employer willing to hire me based on this, but I will not give up. I recently applied for a receiving clerk warehouse position at the North Texas Food Bank. The pastors from my church is putting in a good word for me, so I am very hopeful.




I went into this program with an open mind. I learned about accountability and the importance of it. I learned effective communication skills. I learned how to trust people again here. I put myself in very vulnerable situations and received very positive feedback. I learned anger triggers and appropriate ways of expressing them. I learned coping skills and developed positive peer relationships. I learned a lot and really enjoyed this experience.


*Child support


You are very welcome. I have been unable to have them reverse the charges or re-allocate the $500 payment. I am still working on getting this issue resolved. Due to the COVID-19 and my schedule, it has been very difficult to get this done.

 The most important fact is knowing my daughter is safe. Her mother’s use of drugs around her throughout her life has affected her emotional well-being. Faith believes that she has to be responsible for both her mother and her maternal grandmother. This is why I think it is best for Holly to have supervised visitation until she can prove to the courts and department that she can be a suitable mother.

It is my belief that all contact with Faith and her mother should be strictly supervised. I believe that supervised visitation should be conducted by someone other Frances Green. Holly and Laura Graham have the ability to manipulate, lie and cut corners wherever they can, and Frances plays into their game(s).

When I first began these services, I was very excited and felt as if I was being given the opportunity to prove myself. After being charged with indecency with a child, it changed my ability to focus. I felt like I was going further and further down the rabbit hole (cashed out my 401k, lost a job because of charge, had to switch to a new career with varying hours and locations over a 3 or 4 county area, making it hard to commit to classes). At the same time, seeing what appeared to me as very little effort from Holly, Holly was being rewarded with complete access to our daughter, even being able to move into Frances’s residence and to live with Faith.

The criminal charge has led me to stop openly sharing my feelings and concerns because I feel that until that is resolved, it really doesn’t matter what I do or say. I now understand that it is your job to protect my daughter. But I feel that Faith needs to be protected from Holly as well. That is the reason that Judge Roberson put very specific visitation rules Holly and her mother. Faith has always had to be the adult in their relationship; and that kind of stress is too much for a child.

After almost a year and a half, none of my witnesses have gotten to speak, and no one seems to have noticed that the outcry came right after Holly had an issue with the Rule 11 Agreement.

Friday, December 1, 2018, before Faith made the allegation about me, Holly was supposed to have visitation. Previously in the day, Holly had agreed that she would sign the Rule 11 Agreement and supply a court ordered passed drug test when picking up Faith. Once there, Holly did not have the drug test report and refused to sign the Rule 11 Agreement. This put Faith (once again) through unnecessary trauma and duress. Holly even grabbed Faith and ran off with her, but approximately ten (10) minutes later Frances returned her. Once Faith returned (crying and upset), told my mother, “We have a plan and I will be back in my mommy’s arms next week!”

It is my belief that it is in Faith’s best interest that the order issued by Judge Robinson in regards to visitation and drug testing should be implemented into the plan. I further believe that Faith needs to be in continued counseling, and that I be a part of said counseling.

I really do not feel that this is being unreasonable. Faith is still a child and should not have the ability to be allowed to dictate what is in her best interest.


 My hope right now is that Faith remain with Frances in a safe and stable environment, and that I be allowed the privilege to start counseling with her at some point in the near future. My hope is also that Holly and I should both have to pass the same drug tests in the same amount of time in order earn supervised visitation. I believe and also and hope that Faith not be allowed unsupervised visitation with Laura Graham until she has passed the same drug tests in the same amount of time. Laura Graham has not passed one court ordered and has even submitted fake drug tests to the court, to peace officers and school officials.

 Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

Myles Halcomb