Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – obscured thoughts regarding addiction

Name: brittany buie

obscured thoughts regarding addiction

Each form of addiction is its own kind of monster. It can be food, it can be drugs, it can be self loathing, leading to a never ending cycle of trust issues. Repetative actions leading to a dysfunction in your life or your families life, in my opinion can never be cured or fixed, it can only be suppressed.

Religion is often a coping mechanism that suppresses the urge to act out or commit self harm. Family and friends involvement can be cruical to life style changes when addiction is being addressed to an individual as problem. A functioning member of society is always expected to act a certain way. People truly become a product of their upbringing. The world will never be perfect but it can be bearable.

Containing chaos while helping those with addictions is the most selfless thing someone can do. I will always advocate for the need of awareness on all types of addiction. Awareness will lead to acceptance and in return acceptance brings compassion and ability to change.