Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – No Matter Who you Are

Name: Lilia Guzman

No Matter Who you Are

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Lilia Guzman

No Matter Who You Are

Whether you grow up in a low-income community where you face the constant vulnerability of being jumped into gangs or forced to sell drugs, or you live in an area surrounded by wealth and party’s 24/7, every individual will have one thing in common. Having some sort of addiction. Addiction has persistently grown as our society pursues modernizing industries, businesses, and personas. Ultimately, the public’s skyrocketing businesses want leverage over consumers, no matter the effects being caused.

The most significant product that has overpowered our society’s addiction crisis is drugs. When an individual begins to use this substance, they rapidly become addicted to it, producing tolerance. The addiction process is vicious, going around the same circle endlessly. Little by little exposure to the drug lessens the drug’s effect over time leading to bigger doses in order to get the desired effect. The user experiences neuroadaptation which causes the individual’s body to feel the absolute need for the substance to be present in order to function properly. When the user tries to stop taking drugs, they’ll experience the undesirable side effects of withdrawal. As the body acknowledges the drug’s absence, the user develops a physical dependence of the drug when severe cravings and physical pain evolve but they could also develop a psychological dependence when there’s a critical need for the drug to relieve negative emotions.

The purpose of society’s creation of drugs is to utilize it as a type of pharmaceutical medicine. Many medical institutes use cannabis and heroin to help with pain relief, cocaine as an anesthetic, anabolic steroids to build muscle, etc. Many of society’s individuals that use these drugs for health benefits are seen to be responsible, have homes, jobs, and a family. Although they are deemed to be responsible, they often become, out of the blue, addicted. These addictions are due to the many triggering withdrawal symptoms, which lead to physical and psychological dependence of these drugs. Many people lose their jobs mainly because they’re not mentally there. Many people even face the consequence of families leaving them behind to fend for themselves because of how addicted they’ve become. It is ironic that society has placed a drug that harms society itself. More and more homeless people rome the streets due to this rising problem, causing society’s financial crisis to plummet. People from different places are less attracted to visiting areas where there is an overwhelming amount of homeless people, causing businesses to shut down. School’s are suffering as well, not being able to provide sufficient money to give children supplies and the proper learning they deserve. The main cause of a society’s downfall is usually drugs.

Addiction to drugs has created quite a reputation for itself. The only question we as individuals and a society ask, is what are we willing to do to fix the crisis? This all starts with the individuals themselves. By creating health lines to speak out about self-inflicting harm with drugs, individuals can build the confidence to slowly part with their addiction. As more and more people with the similar crisis begin to speak forward, the influence to be clean of drugs will go out to every society in need of help. With the help of as many individuals as possible, no matter who you are and from what background you come from, this crisis will end in the palm of our hands and unite our society as a whole.