Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – My Mom The Addict

Name: Michael Andrew Shalhoup

My Mom The Addict


Awareness Scholarship

March 5, y

Awareness Scholarship

Mom The Addict

mother was beautiful, intelligent, kind, empathetic, artistic and a
heroin addict. My mom Stephanie started using drugs while visiting
friends in Colorado, her best friend drowned and her life would
never be the same. She blamed herself because she could not save him.
She dropped out of GRCC, she was not able to hold down a job and
then she spent the next 9 years in jail and prison for stealing,
using her younger sisters identity and selling drugs.

age 29, my mom became pregnant with me and at the time was living on
the streets, using heroin, cocaine and marijuana. My mom was 4 months
pregnant before she knew there was a baby living inside her drug
ravaged body. Due to her lifestyle I was born one month premature,
addicted to heroin, cocaine and methadone. I immediately went into
respiratory distress and spent the next month in neonatal intensive
care. I would struggle with asthma for the next 8 years and stopped
breathing 2 times . My biological parents could not take care of me
and their parental rights were taken away.

maternal grandparents saved my life! They obtained guardianship when
I was three years old, and I was legally adopted at six years old.
They have been my parents and have given me a wonderful life. I am
very thankful that they adopted me, because of them I have had a good
education, participated in football, baseball, and basketball. My
dad, was my coach and always helped me with all aspects of life along
with my mom. My parents house has always been the place where my
friends want to hang out and they love everyone, I am very thankful
for their parenting.

went on to have two more boys, they were both taken away from her.
Their names are Charlie and DJ. Charlie my first brother was also
adopted by my parents. Sports were a huge part of my life and
something I have always enjoyed. During my athletic games growing up
there were so many times when Stephanie would come to my games high
and would embarrass me in front of my friends, it was an awful
feeling. They did not know she was my biological mother and she would
be yelling that I was her son. Stephanie and I never bonded as mother
and son. She did so many things to hurt my parents, but they never
gave up on her.

seemed to be doing better, she was working and was able to give me
some spending money, she also started to apologize to me for
everything she had put all of our family through, because of this we
started to form a relationship. When she was clean I was able to see
the person she really was. Stephanie was a good person, with a
beautiful heart and she loved her family. She loved me! Her heart was
broken because she could never be the mother she wanted to be to me
because of her addiction to drugs.

August 7. 2018, Stephanie made a very poor choice and bought heroin.
The heroin was laced with Fentanyl and Acetal Fentanyl and she was
found deceased by her best friend Kelley. Stephanie was a mother,
sister, daughter, aunt, friend and most importantly a good hearted
human being when drugs didn’t consume her life. We were finally
starting to bond and build a friendship but heroin took her from our

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