Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – My brother and I.

Name: Elizabeth Folk

My brother and I.

I try to remember my brother, I try to remember him from when I was
little. I try to remember him as someone I looked up to, as my
protector, as someone who I admired. I try to block out the part of
him in my mind where I can see him overdosed on the driveway- covered
in his own vomit. Or hearing the Doctor tell us he was most likely
not going to make it. I don’t like thinking of all the time he
spent in a prison cell, or about his friend busting down the door to
his motel room after he had locked it in an attempt to overdose on
heroin and kill himself.

reason that we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis- is
that we as a nation are dealing with a mental health crisis. My
brother used Heroin and Fentanyl and other drugs to cope with his
depression and schizophrenia. After spending ten years in prison for
robbery, his mental health withered away. My brother was not the same
person when he came out of prison. I would find little traces of him,
but he was not the same person.

consequences of drug addiction can be fatal. Every 11 minutes someone
dies from a drug overdose in the U.S. Every 11 minutes someone is
taken from their family. If you manage to live with a drug addiction,
you still warrant large hospital bills for possible overdoses and
other health related conditions, such as liver problems. Paying off
these hospital bills aren’t easy, as it is hard to not only get a
job, but to keep a job as an addict. This results in broken families,
struggling to pay bills due to addiction. Nearly 80% of domestic
abuse related crimes are related to drug use. Women who have been
abused are 9 times more likely to abuse drugs. Thus, the cycle

isn’t easy to remedy drug addiction. Remedy starts at home. Do your
best to support your family members with addiction, and encourage
them to get help. Donate to addiction programs so it is financially
easier for addicts to get help. Donate to mental health programs so
it is easier for people with mental health issues to get help, so
less people with these issues abuse drugs. If you have a family
member who abuses drugs, try to get involved in groups such as
al-anon, where you can meet people with similar experiences. Lastly,
do not turn to drugs, and don’t turn away from those who do (unless
your safety is compromised). The best way to get through this drug
epidemic is by supporting one another.