Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Life Living with an addict

Name: LAURA Vaughan

Life Living with an addict

America has always
dealt with addiction in the 1960s it was hippies doing LSD and
Marijuana, in the 1980s Cocaine, the 1990s it was Crack Cocaine, end
of the 1990s beginning 2000s it was and still is prescription drugs,
now today it is Heroin and Fentynaol. The fact of the matter is that
it has always been a problem. I believe Drugs are very easy to come
by and even though the police slow it down with drug bust there’s
someone in the criminal world ready to take over when a high ranked
person is busted and jailed.

The people that
carry these addictions have their lives taken over by their choice of
drug. And once they start it is an unbearable process to get clean,
sometimes they don’t and lose their life to an overdose or their
addiction. Their lives are completely uprooted they cant hold a job
for long, their family turns on them, their homes and or loses theirs
spouse and children it’s one of the hardest things to watch someone
you love struggle with addiction, it turns them into a person you
know longer know they lie, steal and can’t be trusted. Their
addiction brings so much pain for the families. I grew up in a middle
class family. We had everything you could want. A nice house, boats
and muore we have an american family. My mother then got addicted to
drugs. My parents sold all their belongings and divorced our family
was uprooted and torn apart myself and siblings carry so much anger
towards my mother we dont talk to her she now lives in a different
state with a new family. Growing up I always said my children will
never experience this pain little did I know I would grow up to marry
my daughters father we divorced he later would become addicted to
heroin. Now my daughter has to struggle with what I did as a child
and I can’t fix it she has been diagnosed with ptsd due to sitions
she has been in with her father she does not see him and has not in
many years my fear is the next time she sees him will be in a casket.
So addiction can affect everyone, not just the addict.

I think we can fix
it with strict laws, more leniency to search and seizure and
mandating treatment for people who have addiction. By them with the
struggles of the addiction such as finding the rooted problems of the
addiction. And why the person first started doing drugs in the first