Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – Life in Orange NJ


Life in Orange NJ

I believe that we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis because America has poor people, segregated people, and in some cases doctors. The medical industry is a large corporation designed to make money. The person gets sick, they go to the doctor. (they receive a bill, plus medication on a paper; that they then more than likely must pay to receive.) Upon getting this said medication, the person can then become dependable upon this same said medication. Once the person finds that they can no longer pay for that said medication, they turn to drugs to fix the problem. But this is not always the case on how people become drug addicted. Let us talk about “Sally” for a minute. Now “Sally” was a nurse with a bright promising future ahead of her. “Sally” worked very hard to graduate with honors from nursing school and to provide for her only daughter. “Sally” found herself running late to pick up her daughter after one exhausting shift at work. “Sally” arrived at her neighbor’s house and found her daughter unresponsive and covered in blood. “Sally” notified the authorities, who notified child protective services. Child protective services deemed “Sally” unfit to take care of her daughter, since “she allowed the child to be put in harms way and sexually assaulted and beaten.” They said and removed “Sally’s daughter” from her custody. “Sally” did everything she could to fight for her daughter but, the state refused to give her back. “Sally” then became very dependent on Heroin.


“Sally” lost her daughter at 6 years old. “Sally” lost her very promising job as a nurse that she worked so hard to achieve. “Sally” lost her house that she worked so hard to buy. “Sally” lost her car and her life became a world-wind of begging and getting high on Heroin. “Sally” sometimes goes to rehab and tries to get her life back on track. When she does (clean up) she looks nice and has her head on straight with new goals and things that she wants to achieve. Then “Sally” sees a child that reminds her of her own and relapse. “Sally” is back on Heroin and the vicious cycle continues and the process starts again. Society must then pay for “Sally” to go back to treatment again. Society must pay for “Sally” to receive food stamps and money for essentials. Society is now responsible for “Sally”.


Everyone has a “Sally” near them. People in society tend to overlook these people because people are “scared” that the person may “rob” them or whatever negative thinking that society can have. When in all actuality, most addicts have a story and a reason to why they got started in the first place. The real question(s) becomes, who will take time to listen? What will they do to help? How will they make a difference in that person’s lives, even just for today? Will they stay be their side and see them through?