Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – It’s BIGGER Than You

Name: Joseph Partida

It’s BIGGER Than You

My dream has always been to make my parents as proud as I possibly can. In today’s world, such an aspiration is never handed out on a silver platter. Nowadays, an education is essential in order to become successful in life. Now there has been some outliers who have reached the stars without going to school, but the numbers show that there is a direct correlation between education and success. So, in order to fulfill my wish, getting a college education is a must. And not JUST getting the education but FINISHING it with a degree. I am one of those guys that once I put my mind to something, there is going to be little to nothing that can or will veer me off track or much less stop me. Now I do understand that I am not the only one with this desire to make their parents proud or believe they are deserving of a scholarship, but I can tell you the difference between me and most other students. The difference is that I cannot and will not let this money or any benefit go to waste. It may sound like your cliché talk but here is the reason why; my parents must pay for my college education. My parents did not qualify for any financial aid like most students do. But to make matters worse, my parents are placed right above the cut-off limit, basically getting the shortest end of the stick. Now because of that, they must pay all my tuition, books, room-and-board, with money out of their pocket. Seeing my parents struggle to make sure their son goes to college kills me deep down inside, and all they tell me is that one day, when I have children of my own, that I would understand. So, I put myself on a mission that I will not disappoint them, and I will make sure they know that all the troubles they are going through will not go to waste. I will not allow myself to slack off or do something that will make them regret making their sacrifices for me. Now that is the reason why I believe that I am deserving of a scholarship, because I have too many people depending on me that there is absolutely no way that I will ever quit or give up. I have been through many obstacles in my life before, some immature and some very significant. Going from your first crush in middle school all the way to SAT/ACT Exams in high school. There were countless nights stressing over exams and college applications, yet it was never TOO much to ask for. Especially knowing that you had your mom or dad there to help you and be there for you when things got hard. But going into college, I know that whatever obstacles I had before, will not measure anywhere near what I will be going up against. You see, college is an entirely different beast. In college, you are really on your own. No mom or dad to hold your hand to make sure you study or to make you sure you get enough sleep at night. You are entirely on your own and you are left with the decision to grow up or continue to make immature decisions. I feel that the biggest lesson I will ever learn in college is the fact of learning how to live on my own. Quite frankly, I think it is the greatest lesson that any institution has to offer any student. Learning to be accountable of all my actions and know that I am in full control of my own fate. Learning how to make best decisions at the best times, not staying up late playing video games or partying, making sure to eat food and not just junk food, and most importantly making sure to GO TO CLASS! Like I mentioned before, I think this will be the greatest lesson that I will learn not just in college, but in life itself. Winning this scholarship would mean the absolute most to me. Whatever amount it may be, I would be very appreciative of it because it’s something that most kids do not get. With the money I receive, I will use it to help pay for my Master of Business Administration now that I just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Once I complete my last year of eligibility playing college football, I look forward to work as a Civil Engineer and potentially opening an Engineering Firm of my own. I believe that having both my Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering will play a consequential role in this. Although it may be difficult, I believe that I have developed a mindset and mentality throughout college that will help me find a way to finish it through.