Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – I know a Manual: My Addiction Remedy.


I know a Manual: My Addiction Remedy.

Addiction Remedy

I know a Manual: My Addiction Remedy.


Oliver, Chukwunyere is my name. I am a transfer research stdent from
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Uli/Igboariam Anambra State,
Nigeria to College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Jimma
University Jimma, Ethiopia.

is the founder of Peniel Global Intercessory Ministry. His is a
botanist, mycologist and a certified Peer Educator.




know a Manual: My Addiction Remedy.

is a trap. Its victim has no difference to a mouse cut by a trap in a
household kitchen. An entrapped rat struggles with every effort to
free itself but to no avail. If it finally does, it might have lost a
tail or a leg. In some case, the struggles get to a point the poor
mouse becomes tired and lays still on a spot not knowing what next to
do to regain its freedom. This is the case of a man addicted to
drugs, pornography, masturbation, alcohol or even food. Like a rat
caught in a trap nobody plans to be addicted or to become an addict.
He/she just walks into it somehow. An entrapped rat or animal never
understands the mechanism of the trap holding it, so its struggles
for freedom, is apparently a waste of time and energy.

mechanism, we mean a natural or established process by which
something take place or is brought about. Lower animals like mouse
can’t figure out mechanisms of a trap, but higher animals like man
can figure out mechanisms and gain freedom from any form of
entrapment even addictions. As a botanist, I have to study a lot of
mechanism for using machines for biochemical analysis. An
understanding of such mechanisms makes it easy to conduct such
analysis with ease. Each of the machines has its own manual and in
the manual lays the operational mechanism. Each time a machine
develops an unknown fault, we refer to the manual. This we call
troubleshooting. Man as a creature has a manual but it marvels me how
people go through life without making reference to their operational
manual. They run into traps of life and struggle all through life
without solution and may eventually die in such entrapment. Some
lose their personality while struggling, some become bitter, confused
and may end up mentally deranged.

was a high school student living in a boarding house, when I walked
into the trap of self-sex or masturbation. We were having nice time
outside the school football field when a big guy in the group opened
up a pornographic movie with his NEC 3 mobile phone. I haven’t seen
such act before so I found my eyes glued to the movie. Of course, we
were laughing and joking about what was happening on the video, not
knowing a pathway was taking root in my subconscious mind. As we all
retired to our bucks after the night class every other person was
sleeping except me. My hormones were on fire. My teenage genitals
stood to a point I could not control the pains any longer so I have
to find a way to ease off. That was how I bumped into using my hands
to pleasure myself while I lay flat on the bed. All night people
where sleeping, the image of a man and woman giving both selves
pleasure naked was on my young mind. I discovered, I started craving
for more of such video and photos. At a point I used to keep photos
of a naked woman under my hostel bed and that I will use during my
all night self-pleasuring.

a quest to satisfy the burning desires of self-sex, I resorted to
downloading pornographic videos from the internet, (low quality video
was my best choose), only to watch and masturbate alongside as the
video plays and delete immediately after watching. Sometimes, I sleep
off while pleasuring myself watching the video, only to wake up
feeling dirty and ashamed of myself. My phone browser history
usually appear clean as I take my time to delete my browsing
histories all these I do to hide my addiction problem as I am not
proud of it. Imagine, a boy playing a sex scene in a movie over and
over again rubbing his genitals. Imagine a boy, sneaking into the
sitting room in the middle of the night while every other person is
sleeping, switch on a movie, fast forwards it in search of a sex
scene, throws a pillar on the floor and start pressing his genitals
on it or rides it till he discharges. A particular corner in my house
that appears to be secure and solitary became my best place of
relaxation. I avoided all manner of social interaction especially
with family members. Overtime, I became less efficient in my reading
and comprehension whenever I eventually get to read. My grades
dropped from an A student to a B student. I lost coordination of my
study life as I often switch from reading to watching pornographic
content. Each time, I feel frustrated as a result of not meeting up
my goals or targets, I ooze out my frustration by reading different
types of pornographic stories, watch pornographic videos of any topic
that comes to mind, with my genitals pressed on my hand which I have
resting on the mattress, while I grind my waist as if am making love
to a woman. Usually an imaginary woman (Lady I found sexy and hot on
during the day). I picture self, undressing and having sex with such
lady. At a point, I also noticed I do the self-pleasure thing while
am still in deep sleep. It was happening on its own accord in my
subconscious state. They images of the sexiest woman I encountered in
the day will be my object for self sex.

I was working in three institutions at a time as a teacher after my
high school, but often times, I have to borrow or beg for money to
buy recharge card for my mobile phone or buy data for all night
browsing which is usually used for browsing of pornographic sites,
watching low quality videos and reading pornographic literature. My
father complained bitterly on my inability to save money not knowing
a bulk of my hard earn money goes to recharge card or mobile data. I
was addicted to pornography and self-pleasuring/self sex but nobody
knew I was. I was a strong Christian known for radical preaching of
the gospel but yet I was a victim of this trap. I was so ashamed to
share my plight with anybody, because of my status in the church and
my identity as a preacher.

went up for years and I was slowly dying in silence till I started
taking personal responsibilities. I believe there is a manual for
mankind. I started reading the manual in search of a solution to my
predicament and trust me as soon as I started looking for help, I
didn’t have to search for long. One morning I saw in the manual,
Lord clearly sees everything you do. He watches where you go. The
sins of the wicked will trap them. Those sins will be like ropes
holding them back. Evil people will die because they refuse to be
disciplined, they will be trapped by their own desire.”

have always maintained a culture of self-mediating it was a culture I
copied from home. Meditating on what I read in the manual, in fact I
was repeating those words over and over again trying to understand
how I fit in to it. I failed into a trance while meditating. I saw
myself been chased, while in pursuit, I jumped into a pool of water
and was total emerged into the water. I saw a little pistol thrown
into the pool and I grabbed it. Coming out of the pool of water, I
saw a lady dressed on a white top and a black mini skirt approaching.
I got hold of her and was using her for a protective measure from the
persons pursuing me (a man with a bigger weapon). In that trance, I
saw three men dressed in white military uniforms with golden trumpets
in their hands. I enquired of them of what was happening. These men
were kind enough to respond, “Forces are hindering you from making
progress,” when the said that, I noticed the lady was not
comfortable with their words. Another lady also appeared half
dressed. Both charged at me but I overpowered them with the help of
the white dressed military men.

I woke up, I noticed the heavy heart and head as a result of
sleeplessness all these years is no longer there. I also noticed the
dirtiness I feel internally all these years disappeared and I felt
renewed, refreshed and reborn. I felt reformatted. I feel good and
great. Pondering on the dream I just had, I came to understand that
the water represents the word of God (The Manual)
getting emerged in the word connotes, I have been cleansed by the
and I have a weapon to fight that which has stopped me from years
(the little pistol)
The three men dressed on Military uniform, I understood to be my
with their help I fought and overcame the women (spirits of
pornography and masturbation, drugs addiction and drug dealing)
7, 8

that has entrapped me all these year.

is the story of how I walked out of over fifteen (15) years self-sex
and pornography. When I saw this competition, I felt like sharing my
experience to help some persons in such conditions. These remedy, I
have used on some people with addiction problems (drinking problem,
drugs problem and Indian hemps smoking) coming my way and it worked
perfectly. I will be willing to do much more to as many that need my
assistance as regards to come out of addiction all over the world.
Having read so many books on addiction for self-help, I discovered is
more of a spiritual problem. This might be difficult for an
intellectual to understand or some person may term it as an African
mindset or believe.

I know a manual that can solve addiction problems and that manual is
the Bible. The bible is a manual for everything living
The bible is a remedy for addiction problems this is my testimony.


  1. Psalms
    4:21-23 easy to read version.

  2. Accept
    God’s salvation as your helmet. And take the sword of the spirit –
    that sword is the teaching of God. (Ephesians 6:17) easy to read

  3. For
    it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. (1 Timothy 4:5) easy
    to read version.

  4. For
    the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two
    edged swore, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and
    spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the
    thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12) easy to read

  5. But
    while he thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord
    appeared unto him in a dream, saying (Mathew 1:20) easy to read

  6. Then
    I saw another angel flying high in the air. The angel has the
    eternal Good news to announce to the people living on the earth –
    to every nation, tribe, language, and race of people. (Revelation

  7. Then
    the angel carried me away by the Spirit to the desert. There I saw a
    woman sitting on a red beast. The beast was covered with evil names.
    She had a golden cup in her hand. This cup was filled with terribly
    evil things and the filth of her sexual sin. She had a title written
    on her forehead. This title has a hidden meaning. This is what was
    (ADDICTIONS) OF THE EARTH. (Revelation 17:3-5)

  8. Then
    I saw another angel coming down from heaven, This angel had great
    power. The angel’s glory made the earth bright. The angel showed
    with powerful voice. “She is destroyed! The great city of Babylon
    is destroyed! She has become a home for demons. That city has become
    a place for every unclean spirit to live. All the people of the
    earth have drunk the wine of her sexual sin and of God’s anger.
    The rulers of the earth sinned sexually with her, and the merchants
    of the world grew rich from the great wealth of her luxury.”
    (Revelation 18:1-3) easy to read version.

  9. Through
    faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God,
    so that things which are seen were not made of things which do
    appear. (Hebrew 11:3) easy to read version.