Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – I AM THE CHANGE

Name: Marina Ali Hutchinson


am the change that people need to see, my name is Marina Hutchinson
an addict since I was 12 years old. I was told throughout my life
that I need to be locked away and the key needed to be thrown away,
people would stop and stair mimic and laugh. Feeling hopeless ever
single day feeling like why can’t this addiction just take me away?
I wanted to stop but the addiction I just tried and tried relapse
after relapse eventually leading everyone to believe I wasn’t
“worth” the trouble anymore. What’s unfortunate is that it can
make the difference to just have one person believing in you when no
one else does but regardless I beat it. It’s all too common for
someone to judge an addict for their “life-style” which is why it
is extremely important that we shed light on what actually is
happening in the brain of said addict.

then can we grasp a better respect for them and see how strong they
actually are. This concept is so complex more people would rather
just dismiss the issue all together. The first thing that needs to be
clearer to the community is that relapse IS common and that does not
mean they’re not trying to get clean! One of the most common things
I heard through my addiction was “you care more about getting high
than you do of your own child.” This also needs to be addressed a
lot of addicts have heard this phrase and it is so far from accurate.

is one of the consequences of addiction, I lost my daughter for the
time because I wasn’t suitable as a mother. The consequence for
addiction is way more than just a “legal issue” it’s losing
family, children, and friends. It’s losing the moral you once stood
by, it’s losing all trust. We are in the middle of a crisis and
instead of compassion and understanding addicts get put down. I
believe that that is a reason why the crisis continues to grow in
society because the stigma placed on it. We can be the change if we
show compassion understanding and love to the ones that need it. A
former drug addicts myself, I know there is change I know as a
society if we open up and start to love one another regardless and
leave the hate we will get more addicts sober than we ever thought
possible. We need to show that we as a society care and because we
do, they should too! I am Marina Hutchinson former addict graduating
with my Associates from Utah Valley University in May 2020 and was
just accepted into Washington State University Psychology Program for
my Bachelors. I am going to work in the rehabilitation services when
I graduate because I believe we are the change!