Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – How the youth of our generation are being influences to begin the consumption of illicit drugs

Name: Ema-uwah Eshiet

How the youth of our generation are being influences to begin the consumption of illicit drugs


I will start this
essay by first introducing myself. My name is Ema-uwah Eshiet. I am
20 years old and I am from Nigeria. I am from Akwa Ibom State in
Nigeria to be precise. I study linguistics and literary studies at
Arthur Jarvis University in Cross River State, Nigeria and I am
currently in my final year of study. I am a drug addict. However I am
not completely sure about how ok it is to share this with complete
strangers. In this essay I will be sharing some of my experiences
with you and I will also do my best in explaining how drugs are
destroying the youths of our current generation. First of all…what
are drugs? In pharmacology, a drug is a chemical substance, typically
of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism,
produces a biological effect. Drugs are known to alter the state of a
living organism and that is what it is famous for. I know a bit about
drugs considering the fact that I am an addict myself. While
continuing this essay I will quickly state the difference between
drugs and medicine. The differences between theses terms will forever
be stuck in my head because, my civic education teacher back in
secondary school used to scream it in class. As stated above, Drugs
are chemical substances which when consumed by a living organism
alters the state of the organism biologically. Medicine on the other
hand are chemical substances used to treat, cure, prevent, or
diagnose a disease or to promote well being.

Now when I speak
about the youth of our generation, I am generally talking about
individuals in their teenage years and individuals in their early
twenties. How do these individuals begin to induldge in the
consumption of illicit drugs? And most importantly how do they begin
to abuse them? Abuse of illicit drugs basically leads to the
reduction in strength of the person’s immune system and when this
happens the persons system is unable to combat certain diseases
efficiently which slowly or speedily leads to the persons demise.
Don’t get me wrong, drugs are destroying our youths in more ways
than just death. The youth of our generation begin the consumption of
drugs in so many ways. I’ll explain some. First there’s the usual
peer pressure. Peer pressure is the influence from the members of
one’s peer group. Peer pressure begins in similar ways. Your
friends may be having a smoke and they tell you to join in and all of
a sudden it becomes a herculean task to just decline the offer
because you feel the need to not disappoint your friends. Till this
day I argue that I was never influenced by anyone to begin the use of
drugs but I have to admit that is not true. Alright here comes one of
my experiences brace yourselves. In my first year in the University a
group of boys came into my room with mariquana and with the intention
to smoke it there. I should have sent them away immediately but a
part of me was very curious about what it taste like and how it got
them high. So I tried it myself. I’m not proud to be a user but it
made me feel great that day and still does. Besides peer pressure,
another thing that influences young individuals to tried Drugs is pop
culture. You may want me to explain what pop culture is so here goes.
Pop culture can be defined as music, TV, cinema, books, etc. That are
popular and enjoyed by ordinary people. A young person may be
watching that one TV show he/she loves a lot and when he/she sees the
lead actor pull out a cigarette he/she may be tempted to do the same.
It’s usually hard to win in these cases. I’ve heard of people
that got petitions from millions of people to get a particular show
canceled just for the parent company that created the show to create
another exactly like it. Part of the reason I got influenced to start
taking drugs was because of the music I was listening to at the time.
The music always hard drug references in them and this is how most of
my idols in the music industry began taking drugs as well. How do we
battle these reasons for drug consumption? We’re not exactly going
to tell the rappers to stop the drug related lyrics because they have
a particular audience they are catering to and they themselves won’t
want to miss out from the big bucks they make from these drug related

If I were to go
back in time, I would just abstain from the use of drugs cause it’s
the only way to beat addiction. The World around us will stop at
nothing until it has gained enough from us even if it costs us our
lives. Think about it. The arrests of individuals who deal with
narcotics is at an all time high. These people do not care if you die
as a result of your addictions. They are just looking to make a quick
buck. I don’t know if my essay has been conclusive enough but I
feel I have written enough for people who know what to do with
information as little as it may be. I really hope you consider my
essay and I hope to win your scholarship. Thank you.