Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 – How Substance Abuse Affected My Life

Name: Aleksi Granger

How Substance Abuse Affected My Life

Substance Abuse Affected My Life

of addiction for individuals and society are extremely high.
Addiction and substance abuse are issues that hit home to me. I have
a family member who struggled with substance abuse and continues to
struggle with it, even though there have been rehab attempts.

little backstory to this situation is that the family member was
addicted to drugs and alcohol. When the addiction came to light, was
when this person was in an abusive relationship and needed help
getting out. We offered our home to them and slowly all of the signs
began to immerge. It started off by this family member asking
another member to buy marijuana for them. They complied by handing
off the money and ended up getting caught and in trouble with the
school. That caused the troubled member to get kicked out of our
house and nowhere to go. My family later sat down and stated that if
they promised to get help then they would allow them back to the
house. They checked themselves into a hospital where they were there
for four weeks to get help and then released and continued therapy
and meetings on their own. It seemed to work for a while, and then
we noticed they just substituted the drugs with alcohol. Other than
drinking quite a bit they seemed to improve. This family member is a
nurse by trade, and once getting back on track, went on to get a job
as an ER nurse in the hospital. With the past history, my family was
hesitant to trust so easy. Turns out they had been stealing vials of
drugs from the hospital that were “leftovers” from surgeries.
Had they been caught so many bad things could have happened. They
could have lost their nursing license, gone to jail, lost their job.
When confronted about this situation they immediately packed up their
things and left to move to another state. We no longer talk to that
family member because of this situation.

consequence of this addiction is that it caused them to do something
that they would have never done in their life, before drugs. Now,
they don’t care that they are willing to throw their livelihood
away and possibly serve jail time. Another consequence is that they
have now lost the only family who stood by them no matter what they
did. They also hurt the only family that loved and cared for them.

far as how it hurt society, was that society paid for their rehab,
and they learned nothing. Also, the drugs that they stole from
patients hurt them. They had just gotten out of surgery and needed
pain medication, but instead the nurse that was supposed to care for
them, took from them. Drug addiction is a horrible disease.